Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Acrylic bubbles/pebbles

In recent months, i have noticed some embellies on my fellow crafters gorgeous creations and asked what they were.................i remember buying something similar in glass, that i used in my flower vases and glass candle holders beneath the candle. However, knowing glass is probably too heavy for a normal everyday card, and probably only good for a 3D project, i tried to source acrylic pebbles instead, to no avail.........you see most of the talented ladies live in America and i couldn't find anywhere here that sold anything similar until last week when i had a brainwave, i saw the Epiphany Crafts button maker but didnt wanna shell out for something i only wanted to use for this purpose. To cut a long story short, the bubbles arrived yesterday (mon) and today i tried them and even though i havent got a hole punch 14mm either (thats the bubble size) found them so easy to cut out around them after sticking down to my chosen piece of material that i'm not going to buy the appropriate punch either, and to be perfectly honest it would take longer to put my chosen pic, bubble and close everything up and then punch it out of the machine than it did to cut it out with some sharp scissors which only took about 12seconds!!!!! So, here is my finished pebble/bubble with a little Robin Red Breast to adorn a christmas card at some stage, you know me, Christmas cards late Christmas Eve!!! LOL............anyway anyone over here in the U.K can pick those bubbles up now from stockists that stock the Epiphany products, there are other shapes in them and sizes! I paid £4.80 for 35 bubbles.
If you can get them cheaper or the proper acrylic ones, please let me know, so for now im helping others out by sourcing something for over here that will do as good a job for now! I hope i've helped at least one person
Happy Crafting, Hugs, Vick xxx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Latest Goodies

In this post is another 'no card' i'm afraid as lately i have been suffering bad with my disabilities, more than usual, and also having bad allergies, sinus pressure headaches, i haven't really been upto crafting, however, i have finally got something i've been after for a while and can't believe that i've found a store over here that stocks this and still had some left, when the postman came yesterday i was squealing like a naughty school girl when opening the package, i felt like Charlie and the Golden Ticket!! LOL...I'm talking about the elegant and sophisticated papers and embellies from Melissa Frances, Oh wow, how in awe i am of this woman's designer papers!! They are so .......well........me! I love Shabby Chic, Vintage, floral victoriana prints and these are no exception, i cannot wait to see what i make with them, so for now until i am able i will leave you a pic of my new goodies and hope i can play with them soon!!
Toodles for now, Vick xxxx