Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Well, i went out over the weekend and ended up with a rotten cold, serves me right for trying to live normally, lol, so whilst stuck in bed yesterday with a cold and my M.E and arthritis playing up i thought i would do some crocheting, so i added 4 new flowers to my growing collection, who'd have thought i've only been able to crochet for a week, lol, so here they are and the last photo is all the flowers i have made this week, hope you like them and thankyou for visiting me i really do appreciate it!, Hugs Vick xxx

Friday, 26 October 2012


Hi there crafters,

Through some of last night i made up a crocheted flower (what a surprise......not!!! LOL....) and it is from the same bag of wool my mum gave me last year, although the other colours i have shown you that i've made, can count for Shabby Chic, this colour cannot, so i have simply called it 'Chic' instead. Well.......c'mon its definitely not Shabby!! anyhow, i had this lovely red/gold broken earring in my broken jewellery stash (bought from Ebay) and there are 2 the same, so i will be making a matching flower to this tonight, but i thought i would share this one with you now, i love it!! and i hope you do too. I've also taken a side view shot just to show you how deep these flowers are when i have finished crocheting them and sewn them altogether, at least 4 inches in depth, i think this is a definite favourite for me, behind my fav 1st place, the ex. large cream shabby chic one! anyway, here it is and thankyou for visiting me today, see you around soon i hope, i'm off for a well earned nap!! have a great day....hugs Vick xxx

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Hey guys,

So sorry to bore you all, with yet another flower, but im stuck in bed again and am having the worst M.E crash ever, so i have no energy whatsoever, and it doesnt help that i'm not sleeping well either, an hour here, an hour there, and i've ended up the last few nights being awake all night, so i put it to good use and crocheted or coloured in digi's so that i had images to add to cards when they were needed! So here is another flower triple layered in Antique Rose wool, that's all gone now, i just had enough of it to make this flower, i hope you like it, and thanks for visiting me!
Hugs, Vick xxx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Hey guys,

Couldn't sleep again so yes you guessed it i've made another crocheted flower and i am so proud of it, it's come out lovely, so its a baby pink one as thats the other colour of spare wool i have, and i have some cream and burgundy left so you'll never guess what colour is coming soon!! hehehehe......the other cream ones you saw yesterday are actually cream with flecks of chocolate brown in, so they arent cream alone but the one i did yesterday i have added a larger cream layer on the bottom so that's different now too, so without further ado here are some piccys for you to see, hope you like them!! xxx Hugs & Blessings, Vick xxx

Bless you for looking and visiting me today i soooo appreciate it, more than you know! x

Monday, 22 October 2012


But i've always wanted to!!
Hey there folks, As a child i always remember my mum and my late nan always crocheting or knitting, they both tried to teach me to knit but i wasn't having any of it and instead took up embroidery at the age of 5/6 I remember my mum drawing a flower or something similar onto waste white cotton sheets, giving me a needle and thread and me embroidering it, i so wish i had some to show you! Anyhow, i have never crocheted at all in my life, but last year, on a visit to my mum's i asked her for a crochet needle and any spare bits of wool (as she doesnt knit/crochet anymore) i asked my mum to show me one basic stitch, it is the one stitch i know. So, i didn't do anything and put the wool and needle to oneside. Recently i have been scanning the internet for some of my favourite things.....crocheted lace, doilys, and crocheted flowers, and they are sooooo expensive, so i thought last night, why not try to make some myself, now i am no expert, but i watched a couple of tutorials, wrote a few things down, added some bits from each and took away bits i didnt like, these are very basic but they came out ok, if not too big (the first one) but i dont mind i will use it on a journal cover or a box!
So here they are, in all their glory, or not as the case maybe! Please be gentle with me, these are my very first attempts at crocheting

Thankyou for looking have a brilliant day!! Lots of Love Vick xxx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Well......WHAT A LET DOWN!!!

Hey Folks,

I've waited a long time to get over 250 followers so that i could send out my blog candy to the lucky winner, well......i chose the winner for my blog candy and they hadn't advertised my candy in their sidebar which was my only stipulation! easy, you'd think.........so i went to the next winner and the next and the next and in the end i'd chosen , randomly, 10!!!! yes 10 different followers and not one of them had my blog candy in their sidebar so i can't go on forever, this is very frustrating, i've never experienced anything like it, i guess people don't want candy anymore, lol!! so, to be fair, i have decided that i will add this prize to the next and so i will put a new pic up tomorrow of my 350 followers candy, and hope to goodness the followers put it in their sidebar!! LOL........ok so i will put up my blog candy tomorrow!!!

Hugs, Vick xxx

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Hi Guys,

So, my blog hop winner for the $8 voucher for the Saturated Canary online digi shop is SUSIESCRAPPER well done Susie!! Please contact me with your email address
Hugs, Vick xxx

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Whoops! You can really tell when ive been crafting, hehehehe, and this is only for a couple of hours!
I'm afraid i'm not a tidy crafter by any stretch of the imagination but i am passionate about whatever i do, and in my book passion = chaos!!!
LOL.......Blessings xxx

Saturday, 13 October 2012


At Last,
I thought the time would never come that i would reach 250 followers, its taken, like.....forever!! lol..so i can finally pick a winner for my Blog Candy of 6 pastel embossing powders and the Paint Fusion 'Tulip' Stamp set!! So i will do the draw tomorrow evening and give you the winner tomorrow night, that person will then have 1 week to contact me if they don't? i will do another draw!! I just want to thank the 250 that are following me and hope you stick with me as i will be nspiring you a whole lot more over the coming years i hope! and i can also put up my 350 followers blog candy too next week, yippee!!!
So, i hope you have been following me and have my candy posted in your sidebar as that is a requirement! See you back here tomorrow night!!
Hugs and Blessings, Vick xxx


Hi Folks and thanks for visiting me today, this is a special day, as this is the Action Wobble in association with Saturated Canary Blog Hop!!!!! YAY
And if you hop from blog to blog of my fellow and very clever designers, you will be in the running for some great prizes, infact i am giving away a $8 gift voucher for the Saturated Canary online shop to the winner i choose from my comments on this hop next Tuesday, so get hopping and enjoy all the inspiration you could ever need on all the blogs!!!
Have a great weekend too!!!!

If you came straight from the lovely talented HEATHER'S BLOG  you're going in the right direction, if not you need to start at the beginning of the hop HERE and  your next stop after me is clever MIDGE'S BLOG

Good Luck on the hop, Hugs&Blessings, Vick xxxx

***DON'T FORGET*** to pop back on Tuesday 16th to find out if you're the lucky winner for the $8 voucher!! Bye for now!! xx


My Gals!!

I used The Witches from Saturated Canary the right spider is fitted with an Action Wobble and the left spider slides and spins as this is a penny slider card i made, i will show you how the mechanism works and how to do it in a video tomorrow in the Saturated Canary Youtube channel or you can come back here where i will post a link to the video!

Friday, 12 October 2012


Hi Folks,

Last night whilst sat up in bed i made 3 more new flowers, some were made from recycled clothes and others, cut offs of ribbon and lace,but nothing of real significance, the centres were either broken jewellery or bits from my craft box that were suitable, i hope you like them! and thanks for looking, Vick xx


Hey there guys,

I've finally put together a blog that i have designed myself and it features all the things i love, my coloured Saturated Canary digi's, taffeta ribbon, pearls, satin ribbon, cameos, rose trim, organza, lace, bling, and of course flowers!!!
I've changed the fonts and colour combos and worked real hard, so i'd like my friends to let me know what they think, please leave me a comment,
Hugs&Blessings, Vick xxx

Friday, 5 October 2012


Hey there folks!

Today i am showing you 2 new handmade flowers that i made whilst laid up in bed, yesterday! Its amazing what you can make from a lap tray and a few craft bits! LOL....I am planning on making more flowers when i get more ideas and inspired hehehehe,and then i will do tut videos to show you how too...however,  Mr.Mojo isn't being very forthcoming i'm afraid........anyway, without further ado here they are, made with recycled clothing!

Thankyou for looking! x

***Whoops*** I forgot to show you the flower i made the other day that i showed my friends on Facebook and then forgot to post it on here, sorry 'bout that, so that's 3 handmade flowers i will try to do more, and make sure i share how to make them, with you, as i always do, hugs, Vick xxx

Thanks friends xx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


WOW Guys, you have got to check this out, i have many of Donna's creations in the form of digital paper packages and she is having one awesome big candy draw, all you have to do is be a follower of her's on her blog (link is in my sidebar) advertise her blog candy in your sidebar and post about the candy and then leave your details on Donna's blog, Good Luck.........and thanks hun for this tremendous opportunity to win some goodies, how exciting!!??! xxx hugs