Thursday, 30 September 2010

another one!!

And this is another sneaky peek at a different stamp  on another new plate, all will be on Create and Craft on Saturday.............and the card i made with this lovely Christmassy scene
Hope you like it, watch this space for more samples made using all of Sheena's gorgeous debut stamps! Hugs, Vicky xx

At Last! Sneaky Peeks

Well this is one of Sheena's new stamps on one of her 4 new A5 stamp sheets and a sneaky peek of the card i made with this gorgeous stamp!!!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I'm gonna bust!!!!

Ooh....No-one can imagine how much i've wanted to open my big mouth to tell you all about Sheena Douglass' new stamps sheets that i have been working on, but alas, i have to keep mum until i am told otherwise......well the 'boss' has said its ok to give you a couple of snippets keep your eye on this blog and see what's coming with Sheena on Ideal World and Create and Craft this Saturday, 2nd October!
Until then, goodnight crafters xxxx hugs Vicky

Monday, 27 September 2010

A cat with a Name!!

She's been named Katy-Sue!! awww and she is showing interest in the name when called already even though she's only 8weeks old she's a clever little girl! xx

Saturday, 25 September 2010

A New Furry Friend

I know this post isn't craft related but i really wanted to share our new little furry girl with you all........we haven't chosen her name yet but she's chosen her place.......with daddy! and she's very happy to stay there.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sneaky Peeks!!!!

Hey Guys, In the next few days, during this following week i will be giving you a sneaky peek, a teaser,  of a couple of new stamps that the lovely Sheena Douglass is launching soon on Ideal World and Create and Craft.  As always, Sheena has hand drawn the images, therefore not losing that personal touch from start to finish with the manufacturing of these special stamp sheets. I will be showing you a couple of the stamps and the cards that i made with them! Hopefully, giving you that little bit of inspiration!  Every stamp sheet is lovingly prepared for you to get your inky mitts on them and start to play, i just know you're gonna love them as much as i do! be on the really don't wanna miss this!! keep checking back for more juicy crafty gossip!!

Hugs, Vick xx

It's not just me then!!

I wasn't able to sleep through this last night,so decided that i would put some recorded shows from Create and Craft, i was watching Sue Wilson, when she said, "Hey we all have those gems and trinkets etc that we go to in the middle of the night, get them out, look at them and then put them away again!" I chuckled to myself and was so relieved that i wasnt do this all the time........why do we buy these fanciful things when we know damn well that they are too gorjus, or precious for us to put on a project........
My crafty 'fetish' is tassels, fancy ribbon, lace, and charms...oh and fancy extra special brads, don't get me started on handmade papers!!
I bet i'm not alone with my fetish!
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, i'm off to get settled down to watch Joanna Sheen at 9am with her new cdrom that i am defo buying, Thomas Kinkade..........ive done his cross stitches and his paintings are so beautiful..have a good day and stay safe

Hugs, Vick xxxx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Goodies to Play With

Oh dear i have become so spoilt! This past two days i have received some goodies from the Brayer Queen, Barbara Gray and the Distressed Queen, Sheena Douglass (sorry Sheena hahahaha) and she is distressed at the moment ! And i cannot tell you how lovely their stamp sets are that are coming up soon on Create and Craft and Ideal World on the digital channels........Oh and don't forget if you have the internet but not a way of watching them on tv, you can tune in live when they are on, on your p.c! Well, put it this way, you won't wanna miss any of these shows.............not if you are a rubber stamper or even thinking about taking up rubber stamping. If you haven't stamped before stay tuned into this blog as i will be linking my blog to my channel on YouTube for tips and techniques galore!!!!and if you are into other cardmaking skills, i will be starting another blog soon that features all my other crafty habits as i am also a designer to Stephanie Weightman with My Craft Studio, if you've never heard of them, where have you been? just kidding!!! put it this way, if you are, or are not a crafter, just keep your eye out on this blog and the new one coming up and the workshop videos and hopefully you will either convert to being a crafter, or learn something you didn't know!
I am so excited, i hope you can tell just how much.......i will hopefully be able to show you some sneaky peeks of things coming up so make sure you keep coming back and checking this blog out, bye for now everyone!!!
Crafty Hugs, Vick xx

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Whole New Journey

Well ........Hi there Blogging World! and everyone else on the net, this is my first ever blog, i know......where have i been? Well starting a blog was one of those things you have on a, to do list, that i never got to do! So, here i am with my new blog and getting ready to stamp till my heart's content, so please, if you will, take this journey with me and i hope i can inspire at least one person to enjoy the art of rubber stamping!

Here's a heads up!!!   Be on the lookout on this blog, as i am a designer for Barbara Gray and Sheena Douglass, two very talented ladies in their field of art, and i will be posting items i have made with their wonderful stamps and maybe give you some sneeky peeks, with their permission, of course!!!!

so hope to catch up with you soon, and please visit again!

Hugs, Vicky x