Sunday, 19 September 2010

It's not just me then!!

I wasn't able to sleep through this last night,so decided that i would put some recorded shows from Create and Craft, i was watching Sue Wilson, when she said, "Hey we all have those gems and trinkets etc that we go to in the middle of the night, get them out, look at them and then put them away again!" I chuckled to myself and was so relieved that i wasnt do this all the time........why do we buy these fanciful things when we know damn well that they are too gorjus, or precious for us to put on a project........
My crafty 'fetish' is tassels, fancy ribbon, lace, and charms...oh and fancy extra special brads, don't get me started on handmade papers!!
I bet i'm not alone with my fetish!
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, i'm off to get settled down to watch Joanna Sheen at 9am with her new cdrom that i am defo buying, Thomas Kinkade..........ive done his cross stitches and his paintings are so beautiful..have a good day and stay safe

Hugs, Vick xxxx

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