Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Hey there folks,

Well I am now the proud owner of my first 48 Spectrum Noir pens, and will buy 24 every month until I have the whole lot. But, today I had a play for the first time and did a pretty much 'ok' colouring with them, I will do a review on my findings, good and bad, as a video this week and will post the link here, but for now, here is my first colouring using the 'Speccies', as I have heard them affectionately called!! Hope you like it, and it cheers you up, cause its been torrentially raining all day here and its been grey and dreary, not a bit of sky has been seen, just thick, grey rain clouds!! so I hope this makes you smile, at the very will reach a card or project before the end of the week! Hopefully........Hugs & bye for now crafters ......Love, Vick xx

Friday, 24 May 2013


Hey there people,

As you may know, as it's in my sidebar, I am the Team leader for the Design Team on YT of Saturated Canary, and another idea of mine was to allow the ladies on mine and Krista's design team (Krista, is the lovely Krista Smith, artist & owner of Saturated Canary, if you didn't know already, can't believe there's many peeps in the craft world who haven't heard of her) a guest spot once a week to showcase & share with followers what they can do with their stamps, digi or rubbah! as well as their videos that they do every week too, they are a lovely bunch of girlies and I love each and everyone of them, including our gracious & very unassuming Krista, whom in my opinion is not only a fantastic mama & business woman but an awesome human being who listens intently to my madcap schemes, allows them and has always pardoned this mad English woman who stalks her!! LOL.......
Anyway, she is very modest and will probably hate this blog post, upto now, but I don't care!! she won't blow her own trumpet and I understand that as I am the same but I will blow it for her, she is a blooming good 'boss' if I can call her that.........she'll hate that too.........(sticks tongue out) nah nah nah nah

So, here is my guest spot project and also is my video this time, you can see the video here  for Part 1 and here for Part.2 the reason I made 2 videos this time was I thought now and again, it is nice to see how a larger project is made from start to finish and because of my channel I am allowed longer videos however, I still broke it up into 2 videos as the first one is 'how to do a crackle effect' Where I turn a boring piece of MDF into a vintage looking cracked piece of wood with normal PVA glue and acrylic paint. Now I have done this before a few years back but that was on my personal channel Vixcrafts here so that is why I made the project into 2 videos for people who already can do or know this technique and are only interested in the actual project. I made the 2nd video with 'warts an all' deliberately crafting 'on the hoof' so not knowing what I want it to look like in the end or what I wanted to use, with emphasis on the concept of composition, texture and colour combos!  for those that either aren't sure about these things or haven't done this before.

So, IF YOU ARE STILL WITH ME AFTER ALL THAT, LOL without further ado, here are my pics!!! Hope you like my project

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Oh I am so so sorry to all my blog followers, I know I haven't got many but the ones I do have I value so very much!
Recently my disabilities have stopped me from crafting altogether and I have made NOTHING. This has upset me as I love to craft, and even though I have just bought a meltpot and some pens (all yet to be delivered) I am of the mindset to sell everything I have and stop this hobby in its tracks, or not, as the case may be, as I feel I am not able to do it at all of late, it also hasn't helped that I have no dedicated craft area for some months now and not really anywhere to craft.
I have a video to make for my team channel Saturated Canary and haven't been able to do that either due to illness, but I have what I want to do all set up on a tray so it will have to be done today from my bed, a day late.........I do hope that my friends will remain me friends still, if I do not craft, just so that I can see what you are all making.
I have hardly been on Facebook/Twitter either and I love Facebook and all my friends, so I am right out of sorts, I do hope I can carry on doing that at the very least, anyway, I will post my video on here too when it is done, hope to chat again soon, take care, hugs, Vick xxx