Friday, 31 August 2012


Hi Guys,

I made a bookmark last night just whilst watching tv, of what i think would look lovely with a white bible for a childs first Holy Communion or Christening. Or even as a small Christmas gift for a friend as i have threaded on an angel, i just thought it was a nice touch, i will make more with different things attached but as i was braiding with white satin ribbon, so i thought the angel was a nice touch.  When i did my 'Vick's Rosetrim Butterflies' video, i showed a braided ribbon that you could use for the butterflies body and said i would show you how to braid it, via a video, so i wanted to do another item from braided ribbon, hence the bookmark, so, over the next few days i will be posting a video showing you how to make it.  Here are a couple of pics below for you to see hope you like the idea, hugs Vick xxx

Sunday, 26 August 2012


Hi Guys,

Well, most of my order arrived and i have some stunning dies to show off and show off i will in my haul video that i will do later today (sun) so i hope you will pop back to get the link and see what i got, i will do some tuts on my YTChannel too on the uses i have found for some of them. Anyway, hugs to you all and have a lovely & happy Sunday, Love Vick xxxx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Hi Folks,

I have just treated myself to a mega amount of Spellbinder dies, embellies and card etc , i cannot wait for Mr.Postman, and they won't be here anyday soon considering i only ordered them last night, lol, i reckon on about 7-10 days, if they are earlier then that i will be shocked! Anyway below is my haul and i will take a pic of the actual dies when they arrive, hugs Vick xx

New type full size dies 'Botanical'
100 sheets of card

13 sets of dies, all new from the U.S (CHA) It shows 14 sets in the pic, you buy 13 and they send 1 set free, which in this pic is the Christmas baubles down in the right hand corner, but i didn't buy any Christmas die sets, although the free one will be a Christmas set but not necessarily the one in the pic, im hoping for snowflakes as i have none, but i will let you know when they arrive and i do a video and pics of my haul!!

Pearl Embellies

So folks, will that Postie to drop off my goodies A.S.A.P!!! LOL
I am soooo looking forward to playing!!!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Hi Folks,

As promised on the post below i have made a video a couple of days ago for your perusal, i do hope you will have a go at these yourself, and i hope you like them, hugs, Vick xxx

Friday, 17 August 2012


Hello there my crafty friends,

I thought i would show you a lovely embellishment i made for me to use on projects! You may have seen them before, if you have you'll know how to make them, if not read on..........

I will show you my pics here now, but will do a video at the weekend on how to make these beauties yourself as they are mighty expensive to buy as they are, so look out for the link post on here...........and what's more, they are easy peasy lemon squeezy......You may have noticed that i'm all for making my own embellishments if i can, i love, for example,  Prima embellishments like anyone else but am working out ways to make their butterflies and flowers, and i have, so i will do some videos on the things i have made, that i think you will love and they are such a money saver too, so.....they look good and are inexpensive, can't be bad huh? So without further ado here are my pics i hope you like what i have made from an organza trim!!!! Hugs Vick xxx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Hi Guys,

Sometime ago i made a shabby chic mirror for my mum and posted it on here, i added some flowers that i had made from my recycled suede skirts! I have also added them to my cards and other projects. Since then many of my friends have asked how i have made them and i've told them they are dead easy a child could make them, and a child wanted to make them, hence my title!!! I have a friend on Youtube, Sue, and herself and her grand-daughter Libby watch my videos together, and i thought it would be nice to make the video showing how to make my flowers, however, i promised that months ago. What with my health and my dear brother leaving us i hadn't got round to it, well i thought the time is right now, that girl has some patience, i can tell ya, more than i have anyways, lol........ok so here is my video and its in two parts which are both uploaded now, so if you want to have a shufty at them i would be very grateful, and if you can leave me a comment on there (YT) on here (my blog) or FB so i know you've visited me and i can say hi !!! Hugs, Vick

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hey guys,

No card this morning i'm afraid, but i just wanted to come on my blog and simply say Have a Happy Sunday!!! If you're going to church, sing loud and proud and if not, listen to the birds instead!! I am very tired and am considering going back to sleep, so it may be later on when i get the chance to get back online so i thought i would say Good Morning now, incase i miss to you all, have a happy, safe and peaceful Sunday!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

THE 'NO STRESS' CARD..........

Hey Gang,

This following card wasnt made for any reason and i have found that these cards sometimes make the better card and are more enjoable to make, as you havent got a recipient in mind therefore, some of the stress of making a card for someone is not there! I don't know about you but when i have to make a card for someone or a design card for a company i stress out over it and i really should learn to chill out, which is why i love doing cards like this, that have noone specific in mind and they are such fun, so without further ado here is my card and i hope you like it, no stress!!!! Hugs Vick xxx

Ingredients used to make this card

' Isabella' a Saturated Canary Rubber Stamp from Little Darling Rubber StampsHERE
Stickles 'stardust'
Lace flower handmade by me, the link to the video on 'how to' is below
Pearl (12mm) brad from Wild Orchid Crafts
Ivory pearl string trim and Ivory Marabou feathers from my stash
Self Adhesive Ivory Pearl Hearts from the Ribbon Girl
Satin Ribbon from Meiflower Crafts
and finally, the Designer Paper is, of course, Prima 'Almanac'  (you know me, im obssessed with Prima paper stacks)

Link below to the Lace Flower tut :-

 Hugs, Vick xx


Hi Folks,

As promised i have uploaded one of my tuts to YouTube showing you how to colour blonde hair with Promarkers. The video covers the free digi 'Fancy' from HERE and i colour mid-dark blonde hair.  Over the weekend i will be coming back with another tut showing you how to colour light blonde hair with Promarkers, and another video about flower making from old clothing that i have been promising for sometime to a certain little girl and my friend, her grandmother !! So below is the link to my latest video i hope you enjoy it, Hugs Vick xxx 

Thanks x

Thursday, 9 August 2012


the link above will take you to the right place, happy colouring and donating people, hugs vick xxx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


***CRAFTERS*** Do you struggle with colouring blonde hair? would you like a video to help you out? I'm putting a PROMARKER video up tomorrow, and i will add the link to here, im not saying my way is right, but it works and i'd like to help ...
others!! So if you're intrigued, i hope you'll watch on my channel, until tomorrow!! hugs guys xxxx Vick
...........P.S As it will be in realtime, if you wanna join in with me i will be colouring the FREE Saturated Canary digi 'Fancy' and only using 5 pens, which are Vanilla, Sandstone, Tan, Putty or Satin, and Caramel or another dark brown you have.....if you have some fine nib adaptor please put them on your Sandstone, Tan & Caramel!!! Hugs, Vick xxx

Saturday, 4 August 2012


Hey Guys,

I told you i would be back when i knew a date for launch, i will be launching the all ***NEW*** Saturated Canary YouTube Channel on 1st Sept 2012 we will kick off week one with a video every single day from each designer. After the first week, you will be able to look forward to a new video every Monday from one of the designers, so Monday will be new video day!!! and i will post a link on my blog every Monday of that video and let you know the designers name and blog address, i hope you are as excited as me for the launch of this channel, Hugs, Vick xxx
PS tell all your crafting buddies out there too xxx