Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Hi Folks,

I have just treated myself to a mega amount of Spellbinder dies, embellies and card etc , i cannot wait for Mr.Postman, and they won't be here anyday soon considering i only ordered them last night, lol, i reckon on about 7-10 days, if they are earlier then that i will be shocked! Anyway below is my haul and i will take a pic of the actual dies when they arrive, hugs Vick xx

New type full size dies 'Botanical'
100 sheets of card

13 sets of dies, all new from the U.S (CHA) It shows 14 sets in the pic, you buy 13 and they send 1 set free, which in this pic is the Christmas baubles down in the right hand corner, but i didn't buy any Christmas die sets, although the free one will be a Christmas set but not necessarily the one in the pic, im hoping for snowflakes as i have none, but i will let you know when they arrive and i do a video and pics of my haul!!

Pearl Embellies

So folks, will that Postie to drop off my goodies A.S.A.P!!! LOL
I am soooo looking forward to playing!!!!


  1. Oh Vick, I am SO envious! You are going to have to set aside a day just to unpack everything and ooohh/aaaahh over them all! Those background dies are immense. Hope you get a huge amount of pleasure from them all. Hugs, Buttons x

  2. Hiya Buttons mate, this will be the first time ive ordered this much and the first time ive had an order feel like Christmas when it arrives, lol, wishing the postman has a time travel machine now and gets here this week sometime, yeah right, lol, its usually 3-4 weeks for me! hugs sweetie xxxVick

  3. Oh wow, Vick! Just where will you begin? You'll be like a child in a sweetie shop, lol! Willing your postie to get a move on! xx

  4. Thanks for the 'will' im doing it too, hurry up postie, so looking forward to getting my package, hugs hun
    Ps, i might even do a haul video like our fellow Americans do, i love watching their haul videos on YT, hugs my friend xxxVick

  5. Well all our "willing" definitely worked then, Vick cos I see you got it in double quick time! xx