Sunday, 2 June 2013


Hey there folks,

I thought I would join in the fun at Saturated Canary's fortnightly blog challenge HERE and its all about strange coloured hair! #44 "Hair that is different"  Even though brighter more gawdy colours are for the younger generation, we had a long tradition for years where elderly women would have something called the 'Blue Rinse' and it was a mix between a fabby lilac and sky blue, it was kinda cool!!
So as Blanche is one of the, lets say, middle aged stamps of the lot, I thought she would look snazzy with a 'Purple Rinse' so that is why she can be entered into this challenge, why not have a go and see what you come up with? I often colour my stamps in with strange coloured hair just to have more fun with them and usually they never make online and take a leap head first into my bin, but this time Blanche is here to stay........its not one of my best cards but I hope you like it all the same, Hug&Blessings, hope you have a great Sunday!!
V xx