Monday, 28 April 2014

Where have you been Mrs!!!???

You may well ask! where would be my answer! I am in such a funk with my crafting and creating, i just cannot get motivated to do anything and have only over the last few days managed to make some of my own fabric flowers for embellishments, but as far as painting, altering and stamping goes, forget it!! think my mojo stayed in the old house when we moved in December!!
On a brighter note, the weather here in the U.K has been lovely, getting warm and between 60-66f over the last few days is brilliant for April in old blighty!!! So shhh.........don't speak too loud or it will go away, then again saying that today is freezing ha!! Well, i shall go for now and hope to be back soon to show you some good things i've created.........yeah, i know, dream on! xx Vick