Friday, 31 August 2012


Hi Guys,

I made a bookmark last night just whilst watching tv, of what i think would look lovely with a white bible for a childs first Holy Communion or Christening. Or even as a small Christmas gift for a friend as i have threaded on an angel, i just thought it was a nice touch, i will make more with different things attached but as i was braiding with white satin ribbon, so i thought the angel was a nice touch.  When i did my 'Vick's Rosetrim Butterflies' video, i showed a braided ribbon that you could use for the butterflies body and said i would show you how to braid it, via a video, so i wanted to do another item from braided ribbon, hence the bookmark, so, over the next few days i will be posting a video showing you how to make it.  Here are a couple of pics below for you to see hope you like the idea, hugs Vick xxx

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