Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Oh I am so so sorry to all my blog followers, I know I haven't got many but the ones I do have I value so very much!
Recently my disabilities have stopped me from crafting altogether and I have made NOTHING. This has upset me as I love to craft, and even though I have just bought a meltpot and some pens (all yet to be delivered) I am of the mindset to sell everything I have and stop this hobby in its tracks, or not, as the case may be, as I feel I am not able to do it at all of late, it also hasn't helped that I have no dedicated craft area for some months now and not really anywhere to craft.
I have a video to make for my team channel Saturated Canary and haven't been able to do that either due to illness, but I have what I want to do all set up on a tray so it will have to be done today from my bed, a day late.........I do hope that my friends will remain me friends still, if I do not craft, just so that I can see what you are all making.
I have hardly been on Facebook/Twitter either and I love Facebook and all my friends, so I am right out of sorts, I do hope I can carry on doing that at the very least, anyway, I will post my video on here too when it is done, hope to chat again soon, take care, hugs, Vick xxx


  1. Hello Vick, I pop into your blog now and again though I am not a follower. Sorry to hear you are going through such a hard time. Why not just wait it out and see? If you sell all your craft stash you will kick yourself if a few months down the road you feel able, even if just the odd time, to do a bit of crafting! Obviously I don't know the extent of your ability - or lack thereof - but keep your chin up!I hope things improve, if even a little, very soon. Love and hugs Christine x

  2. Thinking of you. It's such a shame you are thinking about giving up your craft passion. I have weeks without going near my craft stuff but it is always there waiting for me wether its too colour an image or to make a new bookmark for myself! Hope you are feeling in better spirits soon xxx

  3. Good evening Vick, sending you loads of ((((((hugs)))))) you sound rather down. Things will get better I am sure, hang on to your crafty things for a while yet. Keep Blogging when you can even just to chat.
    I will certainly come visit you as often as I can.
    Keeping you in my thoughts

    Patricia xxx

  4. hi Vickie, nice to see you back if only to say hello. sorry to hear your feeling unwell. please don't give up crafting you make such lovely things it would be a shame. sending you lots of hugs, hope you feel better soon. both you and john take care.. love Julie xxx

  5. hi Vickie, nice to see you back if only to say hello, sorry to hear you have not been well, hope you feel better soon. please don't give up crafting you make such lovely things. sending lots of hugs. both you and john take care... love Julie xxx

  6. hi Vickie do not give up crafting,just do it at a slow pace if you can ,sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well,keep doing your blog,if only to keep in contact with people.I am trying to start a blog,but finding it diddicult to add the followers Widget