Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I'm gonna bust!!!!

Ooh....No-one can imagine how much i've wanted to open my big mouth to tell you all about Sheena Douglass' new stamps sheets that i have been working on, but alas, i have to keep mum until i am told otherwise......well the 'boss' has said its ok to give you a couple of snippets keep your eye on this blog and see what's coming with Sheena on Ideal World and Create and Craft this Saturday, 2nd October!
Until then, goodnight crafters xxxx hugs Vicky


  1. I'm so looking forward to them Vicky..How lucky are you? Haven't seen Sheena for ages and have missed her on Create and Craft..xx

  2. Hi Elizabeth, i count my blessings everyday. We have really missed her havent we? everyone has asked what is happening but i coudnt say, now everyone knows that she has her own label now 'Sheena' good luck to her! enjoy the show mate xxxx