Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Well......WHAT A LET DOWN!!!

Hey Folks,

I've waited a long time to get over 250 followers so that i could send out my blog candy to the lucky winner, well......i chose the winner for my blog candy and they hadn't advertised my candy in their sidebar which was my only stipulation! easy, you'd i went to the next winner and the next and the next and in the end i'd chosen , randomly, 10!!!! yes 10 different followers and not one of them had my blog candy in their sidebar so i can't go on forever, this is very frustrating, i've never experienced anything like it, i guess people don't want candy anymore, lol!! so, to be fair, i have decided that i will add this prize to the next and so i will put a new pic up tomorrow of my 350 followers candy, and hope to goodness the followers put it in their sidebar!! LOL........ok so i will put up my blog candy tomorrow!!!

Hugs, Vick xxx


  1. ohoh.... didn't know you had candy... but yes that would be a big let down... I joined after last week's hop... so I'll be there for your next one :D Hugs and keep up the posts!

  2. OOOh NOOO.. I only took it off my sidebar a few days ago cos I thought you had already drawn the winner ages ago...LOL!! Never mind!!! HUgsxx

  3. I entered but don't know how to do it on my iPad so sorry Vicki but iPad r really restricted like that
    Lou x

  4. Oh Vick, I'm so sorry for the let down. Such an easy thing to do, but sometimes we just forget. I don't want you to ever be discouraged again, you are fantastic and I enjoy reading your posts. {{HUGS}}

  5. Bless you Tabbatha, such a lovely comment, hopefully when i put the next candy up people will advertise it, thanks so much sweetie, hugs Vick xxxx

  6. What a lovely name Vicky !!!! hehehehehe........thanks sweetie, i hope i have something in my candy that will interest people, bless you for following me, i really do appreciate my followers, without them i would be talking to myself, well.........don't us ladies always talk to ourselves anyhow? hehehehe, huggles, Vick xxx

  7. Hi Vick welll I would advertise your candy if I knew how on my blog LOL do I just put it in as a gadget I'm not very good my hubby helps me with my blog xxxx

  8. Yes Sue sweetie, you copy and paste the piccy (when i put it up) onto your desktop, then go into your blog 'add gadget' pick out the 'picture' option and upload the pic you saved on your desktop, add my link (blog address) to that part too as it will ask you, then upload it to your blog, you can then delete the piccy off your desktop. Thats it!!! hugs hun and thankyou xxxx love vick

  9. I don't have a blog but love to check out other peoples craftiness on theirs and when time allows I leave comments (and not just for blog Tho that is a plus. yum).
    I can only follow as an email follower when that option is available(right now I follow over 100 blogs.)
    So I wonder how many of those people are in the same boat as I am with no blog to advertise on?
    Just a thought so don't give up you'll get a winner next time.
    TFS your craftiness with us.
    dmcardmaker (at AOL)