Thursday, 30 December 2010

Good things coming up!!!!

Hiya Stampers&Crafters alike, i truly hope you had a good Christmas! and if not, we've got a great New Year to look forward to, as crafters we have exciting things coming out every year, and this year is no different...........newer, bigger die-cutting machines, embossers, new stamps, nifty colouring pens, finer embossing powders, more dies, more gorgeous paper flowers, pearls and bling, i mean c'mon, as crafters, our lives are pretty great aren't they?
What hobby do you know of that changes everytime you sit to do something, everytime you turn on the craft tv channel of your choice you see something new! and everytime you check out your friends or favourite expert's blogs and websites they have something more exciting to show and/or sell you? or a new exciting technique to enthuse over and then in turn, master and show your fellow crafting buddies, via your blog or youtube channel!!! I love crafting, even when i'm not in the mood to sit and craft or well enough, there's always something on the box or on my pc to do with crafting, i may not make a card in a week or so but somehow i've done something relating to craft, i may have sewn something in my bed (as i am disabled so may spend days in bed at a time) or drawn something, or read a crafty book? I don't know about you but i take part in and have done, many different crafts, therefore cannot call myself a cardmaker or a rubber stamper, i absolutely love, love, love to paint in oils, acrylics, watercolouring, i do candle making, cross stitching, drawing, embroidery (which is where i started at about 6yrs old) cardmaking, stamping, jewellery making (one of my newest crafts) parching, etc etc..............i simply love creating aim for this New Year is to parch more (i said this last year, LOL) to make and learn more about making my own jewellery, as i think that is one of the greatest things about crafting, you can make things for you to wear and use in your home, it fascinates me that i can make things that are totally unique to me and my home and no-one can have one like it, maybe a bracelet, or a cushion cover, or set of beauitiful curtains for my living room? Why not make your new year's resolution this year about crafts you wanna do new, or get more involved in and/or learn further things about crafts you already do!!! I don't know about you but i can sit in my craft studio playing for ages and not actually finish a project, i've just been playing and experimenting, sometimes the experimenting's a great find, sometimes, a great mess, LOL!!! Anyway, like i said, make a point of learning more about a current craft, or try something new to welcome in the New Year!
I am currently working on new stamp sets from Barbara Gray and Sheena Douglass, all due out within the first 2wks of January.  Barbara's are featured on Create & Craft on the 9th for her fabulous and now awaited 2hr slots every fourth week! and Sheena's are to be launched on the 15th for 2 one-hour shows (as far as i am aware) so if you are a follower of these 2 fantastic stampers, you won't wanna miss these shows...........i'm not allowed to give you sneaky peeks until nearer the time, but i can say that Barbara's are very 'loving' and Sheena's will 'surprise' you! and thats all im saying for there!!! lol............
I am also very happy to announce, that i am going to be the Guest Designer for the lovely Emma Wood of CESchallenges, for the whole of January, so that's 4 challenges in all so please followers check it out and try and take part if you can at HERE.  So this will probably be my last post of 2010, hugs to you all and see you in 2011!!!  Vick xxxxx


  1. themessy craftroom30 December 2010 at 22:42

    Hi Vicki you really love your crafts. I make all my cards, plus I enjoy knitting and sewing and embroider. Not as much as I used too since my Grandaughter came along. She's nearly three. I did make her lots of Christmas presents. I posted some on my blog.
    I hope to get a little bit into altered art next year if I can.
    I love your blog and all the cards you make. I will definately be looking at your sneek peaks. I love Sheena's and Barbara's stamps. I wish you a very Happy, health and crafty New Year. Hugs x Chris B

  2. Here,here. I heartily agree with everything you said about leading the crafty life. I am also disabled, and don't always feel like crafting, but it's always there in my mind. We all need to encourage more people to get in touch with their creative side. It truelly is a life saver!!
    Happy New Year and happy crafting.
    :-) xxxx

  3. Like you vicky i dabble in most crafts but LOVE LOVE LOVE stamping. i dont think anything will take its place.
    I too am excited at whats out there for us crafters for 2011 and just hope that im not tempted too much as spent a bomb in 2010 !

    All the very best for 2011 - i got your text - cheers - stupid me ran out of credit and didnt sent out any NY texts and now its too late !

    Hope you are now shot of the dreaded flu bugs as its horrible being ill.
    take care mate and i hope you enjoy using the wee box of sparkley goodies i sent.

    Pop on over to my blog as im doing my first blog candy toodles for now x

  4. hey guys thanks so much for your words of encouragement, it spurs me on, and here's to a healthier, happier 2011, we can but hope. love ya xxxx