Sunday, 24 April 2011


Hi All,

I do hope you're having a nice family Easter break, and those with kids i hope they aren't doing your head in already!!! lol....been there, got the Tshirt, old enough to have the house full of adults, although an adult child can be just as noisy ask my ears when my son Kris is in the same room!!! soft voice doesn't come into it......the word foghorn springs to mind moreso!! LOL.
Well, i thought i would have a change from the old papercrafting and painting & bought some lovely glass pearl beads from HERE and the set of beads i have used are the 'Cookies & Cream' glass pearl mixed set, these are some gorgeous beads, i just love this shop, and their service and delivery times are second to none, i cannot rant about them enough!!! So why not call on Lisa & Richard and see what they have in store for you now!!
So i thought even though ive never made jewellery before, i liked the look of cha cha bracelets & rings, so i am hoping i have done this correctly as there are only photos of them online! I have made this ring and will (if im well enough) make a matching bracelet tomorrow, however, i don't know if i made the ring properly but i like it and John my hubby says it looks good so that's all the recommendation i need, i added a silver cross (no not a pram LOL) to my ring and think it looks quite nice.........the bracelet may have crosses or roses or alternative charms, not sure yet until i start it, but here's a couple of pics of the ring, hope you like it!!!


  1. Oh yes I like it. Loving the colours you've chosen. Happy Easter x

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment it is very apreciated
    Hugs, Vick xx

  3. I LOVE it Vick and for your first attempt at jewellery its brilliant. The colours are fabby too.
    Ive been making jewellery on and off for years now - got heaps ready for the fayre that has been put of till july now but at least i have over 500 sets all ready. Looking forward to seeing your next creation.

  4. Aww cheers for that Gill, yeah 500 is a lot for me to catch up with hahahaha, hope you make some money after that little lot! have you made one of these before then? the colours are lovely aren't they? i just had to get this mixed set!! hugs xxx

  5. This following msg was placed by Val however, somehow it deleted instead of posted so Val, i'm posting it sweetie, and thankyou darling, a lovely comment !!!!

    Brilliant ring Vicky, very on trend! I love pearls as well and I have a ring in my dressing table circa 1964 very similar!!!! I also have a very loud son, perhaps it's the initial K, his name is Keir :)Home for the weekend with his wife and all we hear are claps, whistling and loud talking!
    Happy Easter
    Val x

  6. that is beautifull well done vicky.... i must admit im sitting on my hands so i caun't buy beeds lol
    i have no room left for more craft goodies
    hugs linda xxxx

  7. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS ... love the colours too. Dare I click on the link for the bead site ????
    WELL DONE xxxx I'm sure you'll get lots of compliments especially as your nail polish matches the beads to :0)
    Ohhh you make me laugh with your postings - I was giggling away at your silver cross remark ha ha ha
    When I had my daughter I wanted one of the new trendy buggys that were just coming out but had to make use of a hand me down silver cross pram - I hated it at the time ... but they were great for piling in all the shopping underneath xxx Love Angie xxx