Friday, 6 April 2012

RECYCLING - Shabby Chic Florals

Hey Guys,

Happy Good Friday to everyone, i thought i would kick off Easter with another recycling idea, however, this one, i have invented myself and hope you like them that much that you might purchase some from me, i call them ' Bloomin' Loopy's' and you may notice that one of them is the same colouring and fabric as my pincushion, and you would be correct!! The flower is made from 100% recycled brown suede and has been designed by me, and i love them, i have also done some in Antique Rose suede and have added a pic of them to this post. I have also made some in denim and silk, which will appear in a post in the coming days, the reason for this post is that i will be using them on my 'Shabby Chic Mirror' project, that is the accompanying twin to my pincushion (in the previous post) to finish off my set! Tomorrow i will be filming the tutorial of how to make the exact same pincushion and posting the link on here to my YouTube channel and within that tutorial i will show you the mirror that i am finishing off today and filming a tutorial of how to design that mirror, early next week, so stick with me, keep checking back over the next few days for those ideas and i hope you love my new florals in my 'RECYCLING' little beauties 'Bloomin' Loopy's'. To purchase 6 from me in my own handmade packaging please contact me @ they are £2.97 for 6 one size only until next week, this size is large and is between 6 and 6 1/2 cm wide (2 1/2") P&P is free within the U.K
Thanks Guys and i hope you like them as much as i do, remember, do your bit for the environment and buy 100% recycled goodies wherever you can!!! Hugs&Blessings Vick x

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