Saturday, 15 December 2012



Hey folks,

Well i had a lovely birthday yesterday, i slept most of the afternoon as i haven't been too well, i went on a trip to visit my mum who's birthday was on the 11th and its a 250mile round trip and it makes me ill everytime and lays me up in bed, so i have been bedbound a lot since, so i didn't come downstairs yesterday until 4.30pm but when i got down here, John (my soulmate, hubby and best friend)  presented me with a gorgeous bunch of red roses, and was cooking my birthday dinner, Steak Diane.........ooh it was absolutely delicious....then after i rested my full belly, lol, a stunning delish dessert i also wasn't expecting, then a glass of wine (the only wine i can drink) and my favourite drink, coffee!!!! a great night sat watching t.v and stuffing my face!!! LOL xxx

Yummy - Sirloin, Brandy, Cream, Shallots, Mushrooms, New Potatoes, Carrots Julienne, Broccoli, Cauliflower.........bliss!!!

12 beautiful red roses!

My dessert......knickerbocker glory Johnnie style!!! Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Strawberry Icecream, Chocolate sauce, Double Whipping Cream.

Polished it off, Mmmmmm it was good! very good!!

A lovely big glass of wine!

And i had a lovely birthday evening, so.........after it hit 12 midnight i did my draw for my candy and the winner is...................................

JACQUE from Jacque's Magnolias blog

Please drop by Jacque's blog and show her some love, if you haven't been before, which i would find hard to believe cause she is awesome.........

Congratulations Jacque, can you please email me your home address so i can get your prize (my handmade by me pincushion and 5 handmade by me stickpins) out over to you, although i don't think it will be before Christmas as the last date for international post has finished before New have my email address, but if you've lost it please let me know via FB.

Thanks to all my friends on FB for my birthday wishes yesterday i had over 400, so lovely to read them all...........thankyou from my heart

Please still check out my blog periodically friends, and there will be something new to give away in the New Year,

Hugs, Vick xxx


  1. Congrats to the lucky winner. Sure looks like you had a good time Vick. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  2. Awesome birthday. Happy belated by the way. Oooh I would love that dessert.

  3. Wow! Your hubby cooks? Wow! It looked soooo yummy! Glad you had a happy birthday after that loooong drive.
    Big Congrats to Jacque!!!
    Huggies & Sweet Blessings ~

  4. A belated Happy Birthday Vick, your dinner looked yummy, so glad you had a good evening. Congrats to Jacque. hugs Ursula

  5. Yummy ! Lucky you to be served a dinner like this (I'm sure you deserve it)

    Congrats to the lucky winner !

    Have a nice Sunday
    :-) Nina

  6. Oh my! I feel really hungry now. That looked sooooo good. Congrats to Jacque.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Caz x

  7. Congrats to the winner, Glad to hear you had a super birthday... That Birthday food looked yummy!!!Gorgeous flowers... Hugs May x x x

  8. Oh my gosh...Vick...I am truly amazed and I am so excited I can hardly type this message to you...That is truly the most exquisite thing I have seen and to think that I will be the proud owner of one of your phenomenal projects is far beyond my most vivid imaginations!!!! Thank you so very much and thank you to the selection processes...I am so excited...Love and hugs to a real artist!!! Will email you right away!!! Hugs...Jacque

  9. So glad you enjoyed your wonderful birthday looked scrumptious. It's nice that you have someone as lovely as your hubby sounds, to look after you xxx
    Congratulations to Jacque on winning your blog candy...a smashing prize xxx