Sunday, 10 March 2013


Hey there my lovelies!

Yes, there are no pics or cards today i'm afraid but I just wanted to say to all my followers out there who are mummy's Happy Mother's Day......I am presuming that outside of the U.K it may not be your Mothers Day but today 10th March, 2013 it is Mother's Day in the, however you are spending it, with your children? or with hubby, as they have all grown up and left? or on your own/with other family or friends?
I hope this post greets you with how it was intended, with hugs, love & blessings for you to have a lovely day whatever you are doing, stay safe and happy
Hugs x


  1. What a lovely thought x x x

  2. Good evening, hope you are feeling better.
    Just had to comment on your beautiful wishes, what a loving thought.
    Wishing you all you have wished for others,

    Patricia. XXXX

  3. Bless you Sonia and Patricia, such lovely comments! Hugs to you both xxxxV

  4. Dear Vick, just found your blog via Sue Wilson blog. It is so nice to meet people like me interested in arts and holistic therapies. I do reiki as well, and some other holistic treatment. Going to look at your you tube Chanel.take care and God bless you