Monday, 26 August 2013


So how do I interpret Mixed Media?

I love the thought of making use of several different mediums and making a right old mess!!! be honest, its pretty much, grown up playing, with grown up tools and mediums!

Like paints, acrylics, oils, heat guns, hot glue, and ironing (I do need to interject here that no actual ironing of 'clothes' is undertaken, cause lets be brutally honest here, that would be totally criminal, yeah?)
It seems to me that mixed media is exactly what it says, mixed media! So pretty much anything and everything that you have in at that moment in time and want to add. So adding to the list above may be, wax, fibres, inks, stamps, paper, card, plastic, ribbon, lace, fabric, cheesecloth, bitumen, sand, metal, crayon, burlap/hessian, oils, embossing pastes & powders, whatever your heart desires. And add lots of layers, I've noticed that mixed media projects such as boxes, journals, book covers and canvasses have many layers on them, and I think this is to add colour texture and interest to the piece, or that's how&why I would do it! And also that a lot of work and personal artistic licence has gone into their making.
So, along with this and Altered Art, I love the precious time I spend around my arty, crafty things, and because of illness its a lot less time than I would want to have! however, the illness and disabilities were really the main reason why I got into this kind of crafting, in the first place, although I have always crafted in some form or another since the age of 6 when I was taught by my mum how to embroider.
I find that crafting eases my mind, slows my breathing and helps block out the constant barrage of pain I am in on a daily basis, its' my therapy, my saviour at times and my way of not becoming totally insane, well maybe there isn't any hope for me with the latter in mind, I think I was there a long long time ago!! But hey, crafting is fun! when it goes right! and if it doesn't? its what Bob Ross called a happy accident, and he was right!! I rarely throw away mistakes, cause I can always paint over them, rip them into something else, add something on top, whatever, cause I hate waste!! I am also the biggest skin flint miser going where my crafty stash is concerned, I hoard it all the time and have a vault the size of a house!!!!  LOL!!! I don't like parting with anything!
I don't know about you lot, but my projects very rarely turn out how I envisaged them in the beginning, that's if I actually get an idea at the beginning!!! the projects usually just emerge as I continue to 'play' and there is no rhyme or reason to it, it just 'is'.

So, on my pc hard drive and in my head, I've indulged into Mixed Media & Altered Art many moons ago, after discovering my favourite artist, in this field, Finnabair/Anna Dabrowski ( I do hope I have spelt that correctly, can't be bothered to check online)  you can find her amazing self and blog HERE
I have actually made little embellies and things that can be added to a project of that Mixed Media & Altered Art ilk but not actually made anything until now. There are so many great experts out there in blogland and on Youtube to watch and drool over, another mentor&idol of mine is a lovely lady on Youtube called MsLiberty25 (Miranda) she is absolutely awesome and I adore her, & everything she makes! She loves all things altered and her work is out of this world, she loves metal and can do things with it I would never have even thought of, let alone actually try! You can find Miranda's channel HERE

So, there you go, that's my thoughts on what Mixed Media is, and I hope one day, like me, you get the bug and try something new! If you do? make sure to drop me a line so I can check it out
Hugs, Blessings and much crafty love, Vick xxx



  1. Vick, I think we must be telepathic or maybe telepathetic, lol! I just found Finnabair a couple of weeks ago and a lady who goes by the name of Luvleescrapping on Youtube. They have inspired me to try a mixed media collage on canvas and I am working on one at the moment. Think I should have started smaller though as I am struggling to fill my rather large canvas but I am loving this latest turn in the road that is my journey through craftland! Will keep you posted and if it turns out to my satisfaction, I might even send you a pic! I'm off now to check out your journal cover which is next on my list! xx

  2. Oh yes, lol, I follow luvleescrappin too, she is awesome! I am sure it will turn out great, yeah I have thought about doing a canvas next, I have copy and pasted so much onto my lappie for over a year or so now, just altered art and mixed media, in shabby chic and grungey vintage, my favourites, if I could afford it I would have my whole house done out in shabby chic, sure your canvas will be great, I would love to see it when you feel you have done all you can on it, hugs xxx Vick

  3. Hi Vick just finished reading your ideas on Mixed Media
    And found it quite interesting mate it has given me an idea of my own And that's a new and weird thing I am not an ideas person
    Need a big BIG. Push again mate
    Any way watch this space ehh might be a while but I will get there need a creative kick up the backside
    Have a good day
    Theresa x
    See no getting away from me Ha ha ha Tx

  4. Very interesting Vick, I think many crafters, craft for the same reason, I do a bit Altered Art, but quite regimental about it, I would love to be a bit more messy and all over the place, but for some reason, I go middle, top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left, and try as I might, this just does not change...I have popped over to the blog you mentioned and am following, so who knows, maybe one of these days, I will do it right, LOL...hugs my friend and hope you are not in too much pain xxxx