Wednesday, 14 October 2015


OMG!!! Where the heck have i been? I cannot believe that i came to do a post on my blog and realised i haven't been on here since July!!!! Shock horror!!! Well, my life hasnt been anything different from the norm, which for me is being with my darling hubby, painful disabilities, and being laid up a lot! Over the summer we did have 5 visitors that stayed for 9 days, our two daughters Kayleigh & Terri & our 3 grandchildren, 2 of which we have never met because they live far away from us and I cannot travel far, anyhoo, it was the best time, we all had a blast just being with each other, and thats the best feeling in the world, and knowing that they had a great time too. Our son Kris came round too for one night and stayed over it was great! we laughed, a lot! But as far as crafting has gone, ive done none! yes none! not for months............have i lost my mojo?.. probably! I did however get some new oil paints off my hubby as an early birthday/christmas present, my birthday is Dec 14th so i tend to get combined pressies but the good thing about that is, i get a bigger pressie, and my Johnny lets me pick out what i want rather than buying me something i don't want, So, with that said, i will be getting back into my first love in craft and that was oil painting landscapes onto canvas, and i want to teach myself florals in oil onto canvas, i am also embarking on trying my hand at watercolouring as well, as i have a lovely set of watercolours from Russia called 'White Night's' a full set of 36 and i cannot wait to play with them, they have so much pigment in them, and not wishy washy like some watercolour paints, so they will last a lifetime. Anyhow, there you go, not done much in the way of craft, but enjoyed the time i have spent with family this summer, and i enjoy my husband's company every single minute i am with him. Hugs and i will be back in a minute with my latest make as a Guest Designer for Fernli Designs,
Blessings, Vick xx


  1. Looking forward to seeing your art creations I am sure that they will as always blow us all away . So welcome back to your own blog. Lol love your caddy xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing your creative artworks sweetheart Hopefully it won't be as long a wait as you blog lol enjoy your painting xxx