Thursday, 5 May 2011


Our very last hero of WW1 on this earth has just passed away, and i would like to say you will never be forgotten, and thankyou..............Claude Stanley Choules, reached the ripe old age of 110years old and has passed away in his nursing home in Perth, Western Australia..........Born in Pershore, Worcestershire, U.K.. Claude at the young age of only 18 fought for his country within the Royal Navy aboard HMS Revenge. Known to his friends as "Chuckles" Claude fought to protect our country and kept us safe.  R.I.P Chuckles, you can now reunite with all your well missed friends.........bless you x


  1. Blimey just think of all the changes in the world he has seen can you imagine it R.I.P Chuckles and thankyou and condolences to his family
    Jacki xx

  2. Here Here, Vick. What a fantastic age. I heard a recording of him talking on the radio this morning and he said he'd had a wonderful life and if he had his time again wouldn't change a thing. How brilliant to be able to say that.
    Then end of an era!!
    Hugs Lisax

  3. Yes Jacki, he must have seen allsorts of changes, wow, the video recorder, the microwave, the dvd player, the cd player, thats just to name a few, and they've all come out since my dad died, i often think if he saw the stuff he could utilise now he would be stunned
    hugs vick xxx

  4. Definitely the end of an era Lisa, isn't it.........a long happy life by the sounds of it too, like you say, who can say they wouldn't change a thing, i would i can tell yer, lol.........i'd of made sure i met John a lot sooner than i did!!! Hugs vick xxxx