Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Hey Guys,

Today sees the start of my designer position with Wild Orchid Crafts! And I am so excited! My first project is a miniature sewing box that I have altered and added lots of gorgeousness from WOC. I have completed a video to show you all the beautiful embellishments and flowers, with all the codes, spoken and on screen and I will also add them here to this post along with some photos of my project, so without further ado, here are some photos...........
How the box started out

I hope you like it, I was so chuffed with how it turned out. So below is the video that I have finished to talk you through how I started the project and what I added to it with all the codes, but I will also add the list of codes here too.........

Codes for all W.O.C Ingredients

Cottage Rose (Rose Pink) MKX-667
Cottage Rose (White & Cream) QVR-050
Trellis Rose (White) 35mm MKX-682
Open Rose (Plum&Aubergine) 15mm MKX-004
Open Rose (Vintage mix) x100 25mm MKX-043
Open Rose (deep red) 25mm MKX-002
Open Rose (mixed two-tone pink) 20mm MKX-068
Rose Hip Buds (ivory) GST-063
Wild buds (2 tone baby pink) MKX-102
Magnolias (white) x50 QVR-028
Gypsophilia (Burgundy) GST-233
Long stem Stamen (white) x100 MKX-471
Mixed Hydrangea blooms 25mm (vintage) MKX-678
Gardenias (large - deep red) 6cm MKX-078
Mulberry Leaves (white) 30mm MKX-450
Gardenias (small) 35mm (pink) mixed pk QVR-001
Cosmos Daisy (25mm) MKX-119
Ivory heart shaped flat back embellishments GST-029
Purple Crystal Heart Chandeliers on silver stem MKX-241
Diamond Circles GST-173
Flat back Ivory Pearl in gold circle backing MKX-365
2mtrs Flat back pearl string 10mm width MKX-614
Crocheted Lace (Natural) MKX-418
Metal Corners filigree silver MKX-181
Mixed pk of 10 metal embellishments (butterfly) MKX-287
Crown Stickpin (ivory) GST-115 (2" length)
Miniature Peg MKX-298 45 pack (U.S Clothes Pin)

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  1. Well what a fantastic job you have done on your video it is brill you seem to be very relaxed with your explinations of how you made your altered sewing box
    I have to say I have seen this box in the flesh so to speak and even the video does not do it justice it's STUNNING Can't wait for the next one Tx

  2. Oh! My! Word! that is absolutely amazing, I just LOVE everything you have done on your box.
    Off to watch and learn.

    Patricia x