Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hey there Crafters,

Why the title? Well, this past 3 weeks i have been suffering soooo badly with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my right shoulder, arm and would have to be the right side wouldn't it??? flaming typical..........I'm not gonna dwell on the pain here as no words can describe it, however, the pain is so intense i have hardly slept in this last couple of weeks, i don't know where to put meself! and the whole limb is acting as a fractured limb would do, swelling wise, & painwise. I cannot type (hence hardly any posts, left index finger coming in handy here!!! LOL) i cannot craft (stamping in the main) write,  not nothing.........anyway, onto my project.........
I was in agonising pain yesterday and needed to avoid focussing on the pain so sat up on the edge of my bed, and in front of me i set my bed table up with various beads, and findings, i couldn't hold anything in my right hand other than a piece of memory wire, so i made my very first memory wire bracelet and only my 2nd jewellery piece ever, as i am a rubber stamper at heart but like the idea that i can make something to match an outfit, at short notice and wear my project too!!! So, here it is, im happy with it and can see myself wearing it a lot, in its gunmetal & pale grey silvers!! bear in mind folks that this is all new to me and was also done with a pretty useless right hand with hardly any grip and a left hand that doesnt know it's bailing me out at the mo! although this is where i draw the line (threading on beads etc) i've tried but my writing in this hand, and it looks like a 3 year olds!!! without further ado i will add my pics and love you & leave you with.........."Have a Happy Safe Sunday!" hugs xxxx


  1. stunning Vicky im just getting into beading so i hope i get as good as you
    hugs linda xxxxx

  2. What a lovely bracelet, love the colours. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain but if that's what you can make left handed then can't wait to see what you can do when you are back to 'normal'. Well done. Sara B

  3. NO WAY ! You did this with basically one hand ?!!!!
    AMAZING ! You clever lady ! clap clap clapping here
    ( with 2 hands )
    Awww I hope the pain eases for you soon - it sounds like you've really been suffering xxx
    I adore the colours you've used, you'll be able to wear this with most outfits. I saw this memory wire stuff on C&Craft - new to me - but then I'm only just starting out with jewellery myself due to a PC that went into meltdown along with the printer so I needed another outlet to keep me out of mischief till the technical dept could sort it out ( hubby )
    WELL DONE - & get well soon xxx Angie xxx