Monday, 13 June 2011


OOh, gotta tell yer, if you don't already know WOC HERE have added a few newbies to their range, including bakers twine which went in a couple of weeks back and i have some already, and loads of raffia in many colours that i just had to have!! infact what really happened was, i made an order out to WOC for some more flowers, lace and the 'new' sweetheart blossoms, to be honest there isn't now, anything they sell that i haven't got in copious amounts, however, after my order came last week they announced some new stash coming in, and i just had to have a shufty at it all last Thursday when it went on sale and guess what Mr Postman brought me this morning??? well i am telling you all this cause i want to post a pic later of the new charms and metalwork from WOC, i am so in love with this shop already but i think i am fast becoming a stalker after seeing this little lot Oh my Goodness, they are gorgeous, my only feat now is, how to use them as these would normally go in the 'get out and stroke, admire in different lights and put back' draw!!! so i will have to buy more when i calm down so i can use some and keep some, that's all there is to it, see you later................if you can't wait, check them out at WOC now!!! xx


  1. Girl! I just had a stroll through your blog and OMG you are one talented lady. LOVE the bracelet and the candle, such fantastic projects. Super gorgeous SN card with lots of pretty WOC products. It is one fantastic store isn't it?
    Your post cracked me up about the reptile in Belize. I still don't know which one you are referring to but maybe that is for the better. haha!
    Thanks so much for visiting me. I appreciated your comment so much!!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  2. Oh Dena bless you so much for
    1. visiting me in the first place &
    2. leaving me such lovely comments, i do try to do my best but people like yourself are my inspiration daily, if i can be half as good as you i will be a happy bunny! for sure...Goodness aren't WOC's goods lush? everything they do,see thing is we have great craft shops over here but when it comes to florals, lace, ribbon, etc etc, you know, the blingy, lacey things none of us wanna part with, WOC is the only place that does all these goodies over here at such phenomenal prices that you can afford to have that large draw with goodies in it and afford to use them as you have much more stashed in an even bigger draw!!!! LOL.......i'll be visiting you again soon hun, bye for now, hugs Vick xxxx i would love you to catch up with me on here now and again too, only if you have time though hun!! x

  3. Dena, most peeps check back here for my answers as i reply to every comment left to me on here as some people don't have blogs to reply to, so just incase you haven't come back here, cause you don't know i do this i will, copy & paste the msg above to your blog tomorrow (tues) hun xxx
    lovely to see you around blogland catch up again real soon hun x