Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Christmas Greeting

Hi Everyone,
No card i'm afraid, infact, they have been very thin on the ground, as i still have no craft studio and only a couple of things in my bedroom with me, however, the sentiment can come from my heart, to each and everyone of you to have a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful Christmas 2011, and a Prosperous, Crafty, and Happy, Safe 2012, and i will see you here in blogland, and hopefully i'll have a studio that i can comfortably craft in and do more videos and more posts on here to (hopefully) inspire someone!!
Lots of Love, hugs, love&light to all my followers and passerby's
V xxxxxxxx


  1. A very Happy Christmas to you too, Vick and love and light for a Great New Year. It's been lovely chatting during this past year.
    Hugs Lisax

  2. Aww love&light to you to Lisa, hope its a peaceful one and it has been good and i hope we do more in 2012, stay safe, lots of love, vick xxx