Monday, 26 December 2011

A Simple Wired Ribbon

Hi Guys,

Well, its Boxing Day across the western world and I have just come to my bedroom for a little bit of R&R after helping John set up a buffet of delightful yummy tastes, for our son Kris who lives with us (and went into nursing, like his mummy, proud isnt the word) and one of our other sons Ian and his beautiful girlfriend Danielle (& she is gorgeous, our boy done good, lol) they are both on Christmas leave as they are both in the British Army and have been for 5 years, we couldn't be prouder parents!! they are all here to enjoy the festivities. I have had to come up here as my back and old bones are killing me, but i'll go back down later tonight as we are having an evening of MW3 (modern warfare 3) i bought John, and an Ouija & spiritual session later to contact our friends and loved ones on the otherside as i am a spiritualist medium and thats how we roll!
Anyway, onto my crafty make, this is some ribbon my mum gave me whilst clearing out some stuff she had when i went to visit her last week and i was messing with it in my hands whilst watching tv and had an idea, and look what i made, its beautiful!!!! She wont believe what that bit of wired ribbon and silver glitter spray turned into and i will do a video of how i make these tomorrow as Ian bought me a Flip HD for Christmas so i have a new cam to record on!!! So here are some pics to put you on till the video, which i will link to here and Facebook, Hope you're having a great Christmas my friends, and lets catch up soon eh? Lots of Love Vick xxxxx


  1. how pretty - I love wired ribbon as have made similar flowers for decorating head bands in the summer for my friends grandkids from wired grosgrain..

  2. Hi Bea, thankyou so much for your lovely comment, i actually mention headbands too, these would look really nice wouldnt they, wired grosgrain? Hmm i don't think ive ever seen wired grosgrain, i'll have to look out for that, i bet its more stable than organza too, Hugs and Happy New Year, Vick xxx