Thursday, 1 December 2011

My very 1st Crafting Video

Hey guys,

Well it was early morning in my bed and i couldnt sleep and i have been promising to do my first video like, forever!! so i finally plucked up courage to do it! It worked out ok and Part.1 has uploaded and Pt.2 is on its way but if i put the link on here to Part.1 you'll be able to pick Pt.2 up within Youtube on my channel 'vixcrafts'.........i dont have any editing suites etc but luckily i only made one mistake when i called glue acrylic so there you go..........How To:- The Crackle Effect
thanks guys and please share the vids with your crafting buddies, lotsa love, Vick xxxxx
PS hope this works ok and its embedded itself onto my blog havent got a clue what im doing but it doesnt take me long to find goes............. it.........enjoy!


  1. Hi Wow that was brilliant so many tips and such a fun idea can't wait to try out ! Super for your first video !! Thankyou Kitty ;0)

  2. Oh thankyou thankyou so much Kitty you've made my day/night!!!! I was so nervous but i dont think it showed too much, i tried to give as many tips as i could without thinking about it really, John my hubby reckons i would be a good teacher doing demos etc but no-one would employ me, so i will use Youtube as my platform to teach, i really hope you subscribe to my channel and please if its not too cheeky can you share the link with some of your buddies, cant wait to do more now ive got a taste for stardom hehehehehe!!! big hugs to you darling, Vick xxxx

  3. Hi Vicky
    Great video, had to watch but could not listen
    as sounds gone on my laptop, but will watch again on my big pc later.
    xxx Janet Babar xxx
    ps great nails!!!!

  4. Hiya darling Janet,

    Make sure you watch them both though, and having no sound maybe a good thing and godsend hahahahaha.........thankyou for bothering to watch it sweetheart xxxxx hugs always