Friday, 11 May 2012


Hi Guys,

I am sorry i haven't been around my blog much in recent days, but i had some bad news that my big brother, was on life support, and in a coma, in Bath, Somerset so obviously i was down there waiting for news sitting in a family room with my hubby John, mum and younger brother, and trying to sleep but couldnt, for two days. Unfortunately my brother had advanced lung disease and lost his fight to live, we lost him on Sunday 6th May at 3.17am he was 50 years you can imagine we are all distraught, and i couldn't think of anything other than this and even crafting couldn't help me, but the last day or two i have been finding that doing things to do with craft has eased my tears and controlled my mind so im not mourning constantly, and making myself ill, i know my brother wouldn't want that anyway.  So hopefully i will be around more on my blog and especially after the funeral, although we have no date for that yet!
So this post is really, dedicated to my brother Bill and to tell him i love him dearly, but i'm guessing he already knows that. The only good things to come out of all this sadness is he was on the donor list and has saved lives with his kidneys, liver, pancreas and heart to me, he is now a hero! R.I.P x


  1. Hi Vick, my heart goes out to you hun, it ia always so sad to lose someone we love so much. Life seems awfully cruel sometimes.
    Sending you a big hug.
    Sue W.

  2. sorry to read your sad news about your brother. Take care and don't worry about not being need time to come to terms with your loss. I am glad to hear that you are finding crafting a help at this time. (((Hugz))) Marilyn xx

  3. Aww thanks Sue, you're not wrong there, life can be so cruel at times, i'm focussing on my crafting at the minute as i didn't want to do any and now i do im going to keep going cause its easing my pain! thanks again hun, hugs, Vick xx

  4. Hi Marilyn,

    Aww bless ya, yes, craft is now helping me to keep my grief at a normal leve, whatever, normal is, as i was making myself very ill, i wasn't sleeping (which hasnt got much better) and i wasn't eating and crying on and off everyday, and i know for a fact, my broher wouldn't want that, so im trying to stay positive for him cause i know he is looking down on me and is with me sometimes, bless him and thankyou for taking time out to post to me, thanks to both you and Sue xxxx

  5. *level* *brother* sorry about the typos, you can tell ive had no sleep since yesterday morning cant you? lol, hugs to you both xxxx

  6. Vicky! Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss! Gosh! I wish I could give you a great big hug and tell you that time will heal and memories of your brother will remain! I pray that you get through this difficult time. Just know I am thinking of you!!!! Soooo sorry Vicky!!! He is a total hero for being a donor!!!
    Big ole hugs!

  7. Oh Dena, thankyou so much honey for your kind words and condolences. Its obviously an awful time but i am throwing myself into my crafting to keep my mind occupied, at first i couldn't craft, but now i need to more than ever. Hugs to you my friend, love, Vick xxxx