Monday, 14 May 2012


Hi There,
I thought i would have a play with a wooden heart and paint it, glaze it, throw everything, bar, the kitchen sink at it, to see what kind of effects i can make with different mediums, i love mixed media and altered art so i thought i would see what i could get from a few sequins and films/fibres. I started with the 5inch heart, painted it, then added fantasy film and fibres in 2 different colours, silver mesh, mother of pearl sequins, and some Beadazzles in 'Disco'. I will be hanging this in my craft room from some ribbon, but i will also be making more, in oblongs and squares, and by not adding too much 3dimension to them, i will take them through my Bind It All and make some funky looking book covers so watch this space!!! Bye for now guys, Vick xx


  1. Stunning Vick
    Fran x

  2. Wow So nice and intersting photo. thank you for sharing us.

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  3. Thankyou London Flower Net, i wasnt sure how people would react to it, but gladly some like it, i have done a more sedate book covering further up my blog, ty again for your comment its much appreciated xx