Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hi Crafters,

Today i bring you my first mixed media book/album cover.......I couldn't sleep and this was the result, not bad i don't think, i'm quite excited at how it came out, you might not agree, and don't like it, but i love it and it's gonna look even better bound and with text on it, just you wait and see.......I am going to do one of my tutorial videos, everyone seems to be enjoying them at the moment, and as long as i am inspiring just one person at the very least, i will continue to do the videos, this one will be to show you how to make one of these from scratch, only if you're interested that is, if not? don't tune into this video and wait for the next one but as a taster i will tell you what things i made this with.........the leopard print is one of my silky blouses i've started cutting up to make my flowers, oh and speaking of flowers, i am going to do a video this week for a very special little girl called 'Libby' and her Nanna, Sue Bradshaw, as i am aware that this lil angel watches my videos with her nan and then tries to make what i've done on my video, she couldn't stop making lacy flowers after watching my video and the other flowers and now will be hooked on the flowers i show her this week, look out for it Libby sweetheart!!!........anyway, i have also added, a cut out piece from a lace blouse, some white scrunched up tissue paper, some flat flowers,(the ones i use in one of my videos to make carnations and water lilies) fantasy film, mica flakes, PVA glue and alcohol inks, i may even add some UTEE before i bind-it-all to make a book, so watch this space as i will post here as soon as i have made the video to show you how, so its goodbye from me for now, hope you like the pics, Hugs everyone, Vick xxxx


  1. Wonderful cover, Vick! I can't wait to see the video as I am just getting into this kind of technique now! Hugs xx

  2. Aww thanks for that Lesley, i hope you visit when you can hun, love Vick xx

  3. Thanks Sharon, bless ya, hopefully i will get to it soon, as you know, its a bad time at the mo, so i will do it when i feel up to it but it will be soon hun, i'll post the link on your FB page for you if you like xxxx Vick x good luck with these techniques they are real fun