Tuesday, 12 June 2012

M.I.A - not a crafty post

Hi Folks,

As most of you know, i lost my big brother Billy (aged 50) a few weeks ago, and due to financial redtape with accounts etc, we weren't able to lay him to rest, so the last few weeks, nearly 6 in all, we have been living in a sorrow induced limbo bubble, kind of , that's how it feels! Well the day is nearly here and we are to travel a few hundred miles round trip for his funeral tomorrow, (Wed) setting off at 5am. I am dreading it but obviously know it's got to be done, and sort of allow us breathing space afterwards to slowly get on with our lives without him and learn to cope, but when you have waited nigh on 6weeks to lay your loved one to rest, it seems nothing can be done until that has taken place, i personally akin it to that feeling you get inbetween Christmas and New Year where its nothingness really and you're waiting for New Year's so everything seems brand new and fresh and thats when you will start to do things again.  For me, i was going to be taking my driving theory test and my practical driving test, but i didn't want to have to revise books and DVD's for that until this was done, so everything has been "Yeah, i'll do it after we've laid Bill to rest" I don't know if i'm explaining myself properly, but i hope you know what i mean.
Therefore another promise is to start blogging and crafting properly again when i get over the funeral and the journey, as my disabilities don't do well on long journey's. I am still in a lot of pain after travelling down there, and sitting for 3 days and travelling back again when my dear brother was on the life support, so i know it will be weeks before i can even begin to feel human again, but as i am on DT's and love my crafting as a ways of escape from my pain and now my mourning, it won't be long before i am back. I know i haven't got a lot of followers but the ones i have got check in on me regularly and my many good friends on Facebook, i also have people who aren't followers but still check in on my blog, so for those that are interested, in the words of Arnie, i will be back! Hugs and Blessings to you all and we'll catch up real soon, again, sorry for being Missing In Action!! xxVick


  1. Dear Vick. I will be thinking of you all day tomorrow and sending you strength and courage for what is going to be a very difficult day for you all. I'm sure that John will be a tower of strength to you during these dark days. I know it's a cliche but life does go on, just in a different way. Crafting will be your refuge in the coming months and I look forward to seeing your wonderful makes. Hugs xx

  2. Thankyou so much Sharon, bless you! Yes John has been a tower of strength! but i have to say i have shut myself away in my bedroom for many hours a day. Life will go on yes, i remember everytime i lost my dad, and nan and grandad, uncles etc,it takes ages, but yes, you're correct, things eventually settle but in a different way.I hopeto get back to my crafting in the next week or so......Hugs Vick xxx speak soon

  3. Hi Vick, I will be thinking of you hun and my heart goes out to you. You will get through tomorrow in whatever way is best for you and your family and John will be your tower of strength. There will be good days and bad days thereafter but it does get easier and there are people here, all be it from a distance, that you can turn to, if only for a chat or to share your fab work with. Keep your chin up.
    Sending a hug your way.
    Sue W.

  4. Thinking of you and hoping that today goes as smoothly as possible for you. 6 weeks is a long time to wait to say your goodbyes and must have seemed endless for you.
    Get back to crafting whenever you can and lock yourself away with your sorrow whenever you need to.
    Sue x

  5. Hello Hunnie, thanks for popping by my blog, how sad for you, i really feel for you losing your precious brohter, I shall be popping by to see al your beautiful creations and im your newest follower hun, God bless you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi both Sue's lol, my lovely brother's funeral went ok, it was a lovely service and all the family and his friends were there, there wasn't a dry eye! he had his favourite football team's flag over his coffin and was played in and out with 2 pieces of music he loved, so all in all, to send him off, we did him proud, but i was a wreck im afraid, i'm getting there as each day goes by, its over a week now, thanks girls, hugs to you both xxx

  7. Hi June,
    Bless you, and thankyou! I am so pleased for you with the Sat Canary news, and like you i will be visiting your blog often, thankyou also for your kind words sweetie, im getting there, hope you come back soon,
    Hugs, Vick