Friday, 7 September 2012


LOL.......Hi Guys,

I'm giggling to myself as i am about to show you my nemesis, the one thing in my studio at this moment in time that has not been used by me and only used once in its whole history and that definitely wasn't me, it was my John.....he's a dab hand with what i'm about to show you but only went on it to show me how........scared isnt the word, im petrified of breaking it? I don't know and i can't explain it, but the fact that i am paying attention to it must be a good sign, right? So here 'he' is Captain Brother, lol!!!

This machine is brand spanking new!! I've had it over 5 years, but its new, ive never used it, its computerised with 60 lovely stitches on board!! All my adult life i wanted a sewing machine and i was never in the position to be allowed one, then, i met John, we married and he bought me this lil beauty and instead of getting stuck in there and having a go! I clammed up and havent been able to learn on it, or even switch it on! John did that for me too, this is a man who has in the past made full sets of velvet curtains, tie backs, valances, and blinds, and here's me can't even practice on an old sheet!!
Recently i got a studio as my son finally left home and left me with a little box room so i took it, due to my disabilities i cannot stand up too long and definitely can't lift anything heavy, so i had to wait to utilise it, but my John put up shelves, built shelving units and cupboard space and generally provided somewhere for me to craft, it isn't massive but its mine, all mine!!! I havent finished it yet, when i do, i will take pics and a video as promised, as i am one of those too..........the nosey crafter who loves nothing better than to have a nose around other crafters studios, lol, cant help it, im human!!! so shoot me!!
Anyway, i figured, looking at the Captain last night, that i would 'have a go' take it easy and do some stitching on my cards, and then progress to an apron to protect my clothes when im painting,( i paint, oils on canvas)  inking and spritzing.....maybe a cushion cover and then maybe even a set of shabby chic curtains for the bedroom............who knows, wish me luck, Captain i'm coming after you!!!! very afraid!!
Hugs, Vick xx


  1. Hi Vicky , and thanks for becoming a follower on my blog , there is no need to be scared of using that gorgeous machine . I used to, long time ago be a machinist, i worked a lot of my adult life sewing , one thing or another . I loved it , i cant do do much now due to disability , but i do try ..... Dont be afraid , most of the sewing machines these days do everything for you ... Just get some bits of material , and have a play , its so much fun ....Hugs Sue xxx

  2. Knowing you Vick, you'll have that big ole Captain eating out of your hands in no time, lol! I'm almost the same except my barely used sewing machine was bought in 1979 or thereabouts and still intimidates me from the basement! I don't even know how to thread the darned thing up despite well-meaning friends showing me several times. I say, "yeah, yeah, got it now" then they leave and I put it aside and promptly forget how to thread it up again! At least you have your very own personal tutor right there beside you! Good luck hun! xx

  3. Good luck with the sewing Vick, you'll soon be addicted. I have a brother galaxie 2100, it does everything!! But its hard to get the time with cardmaking. Closest I come to sewing is on a card lol. Your ladybug card is absolutely gorgeous!!