Sunday, 16 September 2012


Hi Guys,

I have after much consideration, decided to change my blog layout, and look, so.......if im not around for the next few days on the blog it is only because i want to sort it out! I for one, know that when i see certain blogs i know without looking at the name who's blog it is simply because i recognise their blog pattern and colours, so it was a decision i wanted to get right, as i think maybe others are like me and know my blog already, so a change, you may not like, so i have to get it right, hence me looking around the internet for something i really like/love......oh and after New Year i will be designing my own backgrounds, blinkies etc as i know i will be able to learn how to do it given the right software, so it may change again, hugs to you all and see you soon........hopefully! lol xxx hugs V


  1. Looking forward to see your new blog. I just started my blog so it's pretty basic.

  2. Morning Vick, will miss you , but looking forward to your new look blog....see you soon. Big Hugs. x x

  3. Come back soon Vick. I miss you!