Friday, 14 September 2012

TIED TOGETHER...........

Hey Folks,

Wow, what a palava i've had and the rest of the U.K trying to get hold of this particular embossing folder, WOW!!!! it sold out day after day after day at every store online and off line..........then we get told, that they aren't making anymore!! Boooooo!!
So, after much heckling from the craft world the company behind the folder decided to do one more sweep with it and then that's all folks!!! well, i couldn't not get mine so i have it, from Joanna and if you're quick you could get one too, but i would be quick cause they're selling out fast, everywhere..............again!!! Hugs, and watch out for this beauty in my crafting endeavours xxx


  1. I have this folder and had a crafty friend get it for me as couldn't find it Anywhere to it is so lovely to us glad you got it ok

    Hugs Wendy

  2. Hiya Wendy,
    Yeah, its not an easy one to get hold of is it? glad you've got one, i was so happy when it came in the mail this morning, i'm not letting it out of my sight, lol, hugs hun xxx

  3. Hi Vick, glad you got hold of your folder.... Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.... X