Friday, 25 March 2011


Hi There everyone,

I thought i would have a change of colour today in my text! as Spring seems to finally be here, we've had 3 warm sunny, blue sky days, isnt it lovely? Ok so for today i have 3 pics to show you.  A few weeks ago i ordered some boxes to alter from Crafters Companion, and due to a technical fault, my boxes weren't sent, i finally received them today (Thursday) i started straightaway distressing the top of one of my heart boxes (medium one) infact i will tell you i bought, 1 large heart box, which i am posting a pic of as its extraordinary! 3 medium heart boxes, 2 medium round boxes, all for £16, not bad eh?
Ok these pics are of my medium heart box lid that i have crackled and distressed ready for me to paint on and if i must say so myself it turned out pretty good and i'm quiet happy with it, just hope when i get round to the handpainting i dont mess it up!..............then i have added a pic of the largest heart box, beware if you don't want a very deep large heart box, dont go for the large one, go for the medium one as its more realistic, especially if you are buying choccies or smellies for the inside as a gift, it'll cost you a bomb in chocolates, hahahaha.....then again i wouldnt be moaning if i were the recipient! And last but not least, the picture of my first daisies, as i have said on my FB profile, im not very happy with these, but it would be unfair for me to post just the nicest ones i made and only show them whilst not showing the ones that didn't work out too well, as we are all learning, including me! but you'll have to wait for the other flowers besides daisies, poppies and sweetpeas as i haven't been able to master roses, which are what i want in my kitchen, ok, well i shall be off, and if you're still reading this, and are still with me, well done, you have great staying power, lol,  and thankyou, hugs, vick xxxx

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