Saturday, 26 March 2011


Hey guys, i thought i would post my next project in its 'before' stage.  I made my background in the usual way and then used the stamps to map out my composition, this is a very important part of any project, especially with this type of project as it provides depth in your painting, making it look more realistic and in turn lovely to look at.
I used the open poppy stamp twice in this composition, and only turned the stamp slightly, which made the flower look like a different stamp altogether! I then used the other stamp that shows the outside/underside of the poppy, i also stamped this at different angles to add interest and depth to the painting. Adding leaves around the lower part of the painting also adds depth and a different texture and colour when painted. I added the in flight butterfly from the other stamp sheet that has buttterflies and wild roses on............I have made it look like the butterfly is smelling the poppy.........when you do this type of project there is no need for worrying about masking, which is what you would normally have to do in a picture to add depth and perception, as the acrylic paints easily blend and/or paint over one another when applied carefully by the artist.  So before starting the painter must make sure they know which images they want in the foreground and in the background, so say, for instance, i want the butterfly smelling the poppy, i would paint the butterfly over the poppy, if i wanted the poppy in front and the butterfly just flying by, i would paint the poppy on top of the as an artist, you can now begin your painting by painting your background images first and then your foreground images, so in essence you are painting back to front, hope that makes time you see a post it will be the finished article, and i hope this article has helped even one person to realise the importance of composition in a project
Thanks Guys, Vick xxxxx


  1. Looks very interesting, will definitely be following you, good luck, and I always think it's nice to recieve a reply, it shows the blog owner is reading our imput!xx

  2. Hey Babe! Whew I had no idea how much went into this process. Such a complex art which you've successfully mastered beautifully! Keep up the fabulous work that I admire so much!
    You had asked about flowers and a butterfly on one of my Fairy card, well the butterfly is from Prima and the flowers are by recollections distributed by Michael's Craft store.
    Hugs Bonnie

  3. yes you are right about replies, and thats why i do that cause i feel like people are ignoring me when they dont even bother to reply on blogs, so i dont want people who visit me go away feeling like that, and thankyou hun for your lovely comment, and i hope i can show you more! hugs x

  4. Hiya Bonnie,
    Oh thanks hun for your lovely comment babe! it really means a lot, and please pop in from time to time as i know you will, lol........thanks for the info, yeah i here a lot on the net about Michael's stores, shame we havent got them here, cause apprently they sell that Shabby Chic range of pens and stationery i love so much, its named shabby chic, if you ever see it let me know and i'll buy some from you and pay the postage from across the pond, to you see you in blogland real soon xxxxx vick or email of course

  5. Hi vic, just poped over for a look from my blog (thank you for the lovely comment you left)
    I am not on face book, & I don't know much about it, (if im honest, there is not enough hours in the day)
    I must get my butt in gear & learn, as i'm sure i'm missing out,
    mabe your message was the push I need to do just that,
    thanks again, catch you round bolg land,