Monday, 23 January 2012

A clever storage idea!!

Hey Guys,

Watching one of my fav crafty experts last week, and she (Sheena) had a brilliant idea of how to store your H20's, well i have Cosmic Shimmers too, so on some cd's i added 7or8 on them and my H20's. There are some pics below so you can get an idea of what i mean and the last pic shows the big pots stackable Cosmic's, i will either leave them stacked or go nick my lovely hubby's cd spindles as i have used mine, lol......hope this inspires you, hugs Vick xx


Just realised that the stackable cosmic shimmer paints cannot be stored in this way as they do not have a level base they have a 5mm incline at the bottom where the thread is for them to be stacked so unless you have Collal Gel or Pinflair coming out of your ears you wouldn't wanna waste that much. Thought i'd let you all know so you have a heads up!! x


  1. Oh I saw this as well a brilliant idea and wow it looks great have a great week
    Jacki xx

  2. what a great idea :-)
    Anne-marie x

  3. Hi vicky, I don't used h20s but wanted to say what a fab idea. Always on a lookout for ideas.
    Kathleen x

  4. I "borrowed" this idea from Sheena too, but I use the clear disc from the pack that comes with the cd's, then I can turn upside down and still read the colours through the plastic. xx

  5. Hi Girls,
    Its brill isnt it? another good tip scrapz!thanks Jacki you too hun xx Thanks to you too Anne-Marie & Kathleen

    hugs to you all xxxx Vick

  6. what a fab idea - thanks for sharing - I have acouple of them and was going to throw them out but a new use.

  7. It is brilliant isn't it Bea, glad you can utilise yours xxxxx hugs, Vick

  8. Hi Vicks
    Firstly I must just say thanks for the really lovely comment you left the other day. I hope to come and have a really good nosey at your workspace. I spotted your name on the Clarity shows the other week, how great to be designing for Barbara, Congrats you!!
    I saw this storage and thought the same as you, it's a brill idea. I am now the proud owner of loads of H20's thanks to Sheena and I shall definitely be using her storage idea too.
    Take care and see you around Blogland.
    Hugs Lisax

  9. Aww Hi Lisa,

    Ive been on Barb's DT for 18mths, lol, but have had a 6mth break, so she still was using my cards but not new ones, which will be the reason why yoou only heard my name now and again, but im back full time again, i was on ClarityDT before being Sheena's first DT member, and hoping to get back on with you lot too!! It is a fantastic idea isnt it, that Sheena, she's full of them, good job she shares her ideas i guess, lol!! we'll defo bump into each other in blogland mate, lovely for you to visit me hun, lots of love, Vick xxx

  10. I have used this "storage system" too (CD Roms) its superb and saves so much room.

  11. A great storage idea mine are all in a box lol.

  12. it certainly does Elfwitch xxx

    Thanks Mandy, mine were in a box originally, it certainly saves room in our ever expanding craft spaces, lol!!!