Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lazy Susan

Hi Guys,
I do hope this post finds you happy and well on this Sunday morning, a little too cold out there for moi, so i am in my bed, as i haven't had more than 2hrs sleep all night i thought i would have a nap if i could, but i wanted to post this pic first!
Sometime ago i bought 3 lazy Susan's one for our kitchen with all the condiments etc for the middle of the kitchen table and 2 for my craft studio. My idea was to give them a crackled paint, treatment and then paint some flowers and ivy trailing around them on them both, i have loved the Shabby Chic look for about 30years and my aim is to have at least 2 rooms in my house in this style.  I haven't gotten around to painting them yet but here is a great idea for those H20&Cosmic Shimmer cd's.........

Great eh? i thought when i want a colour from the other side i can just twirl the lazy susan around to where that particular colour is, and it works really well too. You may also notice that i have some Cosmic Shimmer Mica pots on there too, and they look like they're just on there but they're not! they are on clear cd's, you know the one at the top of every new pack of cd's on a spindle? Another great idea from a fellow crafter, great because you can see the name of your paint or mica through the bottom! why oh why did i not think about this before i stuck my other H20's&Cosmics to normal cds (idea below) cause i havent got a cat in hell's chance of knowing all those colours names, as my paints are roughly 6years old!! Oh well, you live and learn........obviously the tops stay on the micas when not in use or they would be ruined everytime i spritz my paints, also on there are some large pots of cosmic shimmer paints (stackables)and some Luminarte Primary Elements, so everything fits on nicely and this idea, was finally, (drum roll) one of mine, so why not get yourself a lazy susan and spin your paints too!! LOL.........enjoy people
Hugs&Blessings, Vick x


  1. Aww thanks Lannie, its a good idea isn't it, hope i have inspired folks, cheers for that, Vick xx

  2. Fab idea, wish I had room for one! Love the tip about using the clear cd's too - never occurred to me either that you wouldn't be able to see the names through normal cds - doh!

  3. I thought you were being rude about your friend Susan when I saw the heading on FB, Vick! What a great idea. Hope you don't mind if I pinch it, lol! x

  4. Yep Mani, doh! wished i'd of thought of it too!! lol....xxHugs

  5. LOL Shairon, i don't mind at all hun, i've finally had an idea people wanna pinch i'm ecstatic, lol......thanks xx

  6. hi vick thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog yes i am paint fusion addict now got the bug and the crackle bug too lol thanks to you.
    thats a brill idea the lazy susan saves leaning over and knocking everything else off might have to invest in one of those for my pebeo paints catch you soon gill x

  7. Hiya Gill,

    Yeah as i said to you on FB i am so happy for you, as i know how frustrating it is when something won't go how it supposed to and really i didnt help that much cause you knew yourself it was probably the glue! The lazy susan is a good idea isn't it, one of my better ones, lol...i got one of mine at Ikea on a journey back from Edinburgh halloween last year (its the gateshead one that SD goes to, we havent got one in S.Yorks) anyway the other 2 i bought a couple of years back from The Range, and they still sell them where all the kitchen stuff is, so that's where to get yours, hope u continue with your crackle addicted to it yet? LOL...i know....