Sunday, 1 January 2012


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my blog followers, blog watchers, and YT (YouTube) FB (facebook) a Very Happy New Year!!! For the crafty side of things, my New Years resolution, is to be more forthcoming with my posts on here and on Youtube, I intend to do more videos on How-To (tuitional) videos, and basically ideas that i like to share with you all. The aim for my blog is to have very regular posts maybe 2-3 times weekly instead of 'when the moon turns to cream cheese' lol......i will also be running blog hops and challenges, and blog candy moments, when i can afford to do so!!! So there you go, plans for 2012! My personal aim was always to give up smoking and lose weight, now that isnt applicable as i stopped smoking 5 years ago and ive tried to lose weight and get nowhere,as i had large tumour on my thyroid gland 10years ago and had to havea thyroidectomy & the tumour removed taking most of my thyroid with it, meaning i hardly have any metabolism (hence extensive weightgain over the years) and now because i am less active i cannot exercise, so what the heck? im gonna have to seriously think about the personal resolution, anyway, Happy New Year to you all and i hope this one is better than the last for us all, Hugs Vick xxxxx


  1. Happy New Year!!

    I hope 2012 brings you all the crafty-ness you dream of ;0)

    I'm starting the new year with a Half Price Sale on all my craft products HERE

    Hugs Helen x

  2. Aww thanks Helen and i will defo have a look now! all the best sweetie xxx Vick

  3. Happy New Year - I'm looking forward to your tutorials as I'm one of those people who learn by watching

  4. Hi there Bea, lovely of you to pop by hun, Happy New Year sweetie I know where you're coming from with the learning from watching, im exactly the same which is one of the main reasons i started doing them just before Christmas. I have found something i love doing, sharing my work with others so they can have a go, however nervous i am or not, lol....I have 10 videos up already the 10th one im about to post on here. If there is anything in particular you want to see in a video place comment on the post above this one, and if i can oblige i shall, have a good Monday hun, Hugs Vick xxxx