Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mum's Calendar Wall Hanging (still pics)

Here is the still pics that i promised for you to look at, hopefully for some inspiration, so without further ado i will post them forthwith!

Thankyou for your comments xx


  1. Beautiful. Particularly love the crackle background :)

  2. Gorgeous Vicky. I'm sure your mum is thrilled with it! Will check out your video in a mo. x

  3. Vicky! This wall hanging calendar is GORGEOUS!!!! Wow! Your Mom will just treasure it!! I need to get busy watching your videos. I am just now catching up on a few things at the moment. I really need to learn that ribbon rose below, how very, very pretty! You are so sweet to create these videos for us!
    Thanks so much for the sweet comments about my FIL, it really meant a lot!!!!
    Hugs to you Vicky!

  4. Aww DD, thankyou hun, i know this isnt your type of thing normally so for you to say that, i am well happy! Yep, the crackle looks ok doesnt it, thanks again sweetie, hugs Vick xxx

  5. Hopefully i inspire someone Shairon, which is why i do them and i know you like thm, thanks for subscribing by the way hun, hope you like this one too darling, thankyou so much xxxx Vick

  6. Aww i know how super busy your schedule is, so for you to take time out to watch a video is good enough for me hun! I do them to inspire and i think what most of us forget about is that there are so many people just coming into craft now who need our guidance, i wish i would have had it years ago, it would have saved me a whole heap of money e.g buying the wrong inkpads for the wrong jobs and getting frustrated cause i can't achieve what others are! About your FIL i just know he's smiling down on you all, he's a very proud man and very proud of his family how they've all pulled together, i just know it! Its an awful time but i just know you and your husband have got the love and strength in each other to get through this and come out the other end with many beautiful memories, darling, lots of love, hugs & blessings, Vick xxxx