Wednesday, 12 November 2014

SHABBY CHIC PINCUSHION (full video tutorial)

Hey folks,

Roughly 4 years ago, I made a pincushion from some recycled bits and my goodies from my stash & Wild Orchid Crafts, and although I tried to explain how to do it, it's always hard, and I promised to make the video at some stage but never got around to doing it. I wanted to show the pin cushion from start to finish for those a bit wary of projects like this, to show how easy it really is, and ANY crafter can do it!...............Go on, you know you can, and you really have no excuse now, so watch the video and get cracking!!! I would love to see what you come up with, hugs and be back soon!!! xxx V


  1. Oh Vick this is so beautiful, I really love it, what a gorgeous gift to make or receive, fabulous, thank you so much for sharing with us. hugs June Smith xxx

  2. Well you cleaver thing you I love it and you are right crafting is the only time you are quiet. Lol. I bet John thought he had gone deaf.
    No joking apart it is a lovely project and your tutorial is very easy to follow and I hope others do watch and also have a go
    Thank you roll on the next video can't wait Tx

  3. My comment seems to have dissapered,thank you for a great tutorial,and all your tips the pin cousin is a bit of art.

  4. Hi Ita,
    Thanks sweetheart for your lovely comment and I hope you like everything to come too xxx Vick

  5. Awww Sis,
    thanks so much Im glad you like it, a little surprise pressie eh? hugs, V xx

  6. Hello Juney,
    I am so pleased you think it's beautiful I love to share projects I know you will all love, hope to show you more ideas soon xxx hugs always

  7. Brilliant project, love this idea.
    Think it might be Tuna/Mayo for lunch today!!!

    Patricia x

  8. Ha! Patricia, you have just said what many said on facebook, about this project, tuna for lunch and tea lol.......thank you so much for your lovely comment i'm glad you like it, I hope to share more very soon xxx hugs, and have a lovely day, Vick xx