Saturday, 23 October 2010

Designing in bed!!

I'm sorry i haven't left a blog post for a few days but i have been stuck in bed due to long term disabilities i have flaring up, they have a habit of doing that nearly all the time now, however, i have been using this time cleverly by stamping my new Barbara Gray stamps onto an A4 jotting pad and then using each couple of pages on that one stamp as a mood  board and adding design ideas for the cards and colours/ribbon etc etc, as i am working on stamps only Barbara and the designers (thats me and my fellow teamies) have been privy to so i will have some goodies to show you around the same time they are on with Barbara on C&C, so looking forward to that 2hrs! hey stampers? so i will love you and leave you for now and i may post the odd thing besides my samples so to keep my blog topped up or you'll become bored and not visit me no-more! lol........i hope not.......if you can come and say hello on FB or leave me a comment on here
bye for now guys xxxx vick


  1. Love Barbera's stamps, so looking forward to seeing what you make, Hope you feel better soon! Mary x

  2. Aww bless you so much Mary, so nice of you to comment i really do appreciate comments and friendship......could you please tell all your friends i am here too, love to you and yours Mary, hugs Vicky xxxx

  3. Hope you are feeling better Vicky and will fwd to your makes.
    Hugs Emma x