Monday, 18 October 2010


Oh dear, i am absolutely shattered. Been in London all day today ( i now remember why they call it the big smoke , my lungs are killing me, due to bumper to bumper traffic jam for 2hrs somewhere half way down Edgware Road, that road becomes longer than i remembered at 2miles an hour, i can tell yer!!!.).........set off 6am this morning, but i never went to sleep till gone 4.......went through my iternary for the day for about the 12th time, a list for this,...... list for finally called it a day 90mins before my alarm was due to scream at me..get up you lazy cow!!!.......i never realised there was 2 ....6o'clocks on a Sunday...........hehehehehe,    just kidding!....I was a nurse on night shifts for nigh on 8years i knew, honestly!!!.....
Not many people know this but i was born in London and lived there the first 13 and a half yrs of my life, i went back today to take part in an all day workshop within the other love of my life, my mediumship! but we won't go there at the moment, as i am pooped..........haven't had a journey like that for years, M1 or spiritually so its really taken it out of me and the old hubby! he's currently letting out a dull snoring sound to the tapping of my keys on the old laptop, we're making a weird sounding music together, it'll never reach Numero Uno!!!!!LMAO....anyway, enough of my rantings and snorings, this is my Sunday contribution to the brilliance that is Sheena 'distressed' Douglass!! I have to post or i may not be forgiven for being old and senile! So here it is folks, a little later than i anticipated as my lappie decided to die on me a few hours ago when i meant to post, so it needed to recharge its battery whilst i recharged mine with my favourite drink.........the old Gold Blend...i'm teetotal without the tee!!! its cof 'fee' here it is, hope you can forgive me........oh who am i kidding you dont wanna see mine, its just a teaser so you know what sort of stamps Sheena's bringing on, on Tuesday, and who can blame yer, so there you go, hope you like, and catch you all tomorrow with another tease.........well i have to have my fun somewhere don't I? its hard being this angelic all the time!!!LMAO!!! love you darlings xxxxxx vicky 'the angelic' mcclean.........


  1. What a beautiful card ..i love the words as well .. hugs Melita xx