Saturday, 16 October 2010


Oh i know, its early, you was expecting to see this, this evening but i won't be around so i thought i would treat you all this morning and post this a little earlier. Out of all my designs, this is my favourite one, probably because of the colours, i do like all of them but this one just makes me feel christmassy, even though its not a christmas card, its got a traditional, vintage feel about it, and that's the look i was aiming for, i just love vintage!  So here it is my 3rd contribution an 8x8 square card, my favourite shape.....They're going to be great shows, don't miss them....  This card shows the leaves and branches in the sets at there best, a real autumnal feel to it i think..........what do you think?     I do hope you like it!!


  1. This is so beautiful love the sentiments!!!!
    UKS and craft telly

  2. Thanks Lee so much and the sentiments are gorgeous aren't they? the script is beautiful, they are on the same stamp plates! xxx vick

  3. very beautiful card i love the color

  4. thanks Matt, for your lovely comment, hope you watch the shows, love vick xxxxx

  5. I love your cards Vicky!! You're so talented - I think your work is really inspirational!

    Sara xx

  6. Oh wow Sara, you really have made my day! and i am so honoured that you even took the time to leave me a comment, i love your cards and work too!!!

    hugs, vicky xxxx