Friday, 29 October 2010


Hopefully many of you will know what i do in regards to other cards separate to stamped imaged projects, and i recently said i was going to set up another blog that covered everything else i did, oil painiting, decoupage, cd crafting, scrapbooking, jewellery making, candle making, etc, i also have a website under this same name of The Artful Codger and this will contain videos of workshops, demos and one to one teaching workshops as after Christmas i will be teaching advanced stamping techniques at a local craft shop for a friend that owns the shop, so i am looking forward to that too. All the demos and workshops will be linked to my YouTube channel so you will be able to subscribe to my channel and save your favourite techniques. There is also lots coming on this blog too as i still design for Sheena Douglass and Barbara Gray, infact i am currently working on designs for Barb in between lieing down on my bed due to illness so i do a couple of hours of designing here and there and designing in bed as my previous post alluded to, LOL, listen........ crafty people never stop, you know what its like, you think you aren't designing etc until you have an idea whilst watching something and then desperately look for paper and pen to write it down, or is that just me, lol???I do that too with psychic visions and dreams i have,  so i guess i write lists for everything in my life, and anyone who knows me will be laughing there, as they know just how many times i make lists for things in a week! do i take notice of my lists? do i anyway so i thought i would just leave this post to let you know that these things are coming soon and after christmas as well, as they cannot physically happen all at the same time, i used to work 98hrs a week, im lucky if i can do 5hrs a week now, thanks to M.E and physical disabilities, so please bear with me friends, i will get the things done that i need to, as soon as i can, hugs to you all for sticking with me and hopefully more people will know im here soon too xxxxx Vick


  1. All sounds fabulous Vicky, I shall look fwd to seeing your tutorials etc.
    Hugs Emma x

  2. Hopefully i will be starting those well before Christmas, just getting the new tripod sorted out hubby bought me, its a flexible one! vick xxx

  3. looking forward to seeing all the new things that you are doing.
    hugs Dianne.

  4. Ahh Thanks Dianne, i'm looking forward to doing all the new things too and hopefully some of it this side of christmas, and im a guest designer on someone's blog/shop in January too, cant say who's yet but i am really looking forward to that too!! thanks for your lovely comments Dianne xxxxx watch this space, hugs vick

  5. Hi Vicky - Just read your blog and you sound like me I write lists for everything and woke up yesterday having dreamed an idea and had to write it down. Day off today and went around the local second hand shops. Bought some earrings which I used in my big shot to emboss the image and also bought a hideous necklake with flowers on which I carefully undid and coloured with alcohol inks I was really pleased with the results. Your cards have really inspired me to look at objects in a different way. I will keep watching this space.
    Julie Young

  6. Hi Vicky,

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog regarding the felt butterfly card. They are also pat of the Henbury Lane ranges form Papermania. I think there were about 10 in a pack in different shades of blues and purples. They are about 2" wide so are a decent size.

    Have had a bit of a mooch around your blog. You make some gorgeous cards and are clearly very talented.

    Take care


    Mandy xxx