Sunday, 7 November 2010


Hi Guys,  Well i know i've been a little quiet of late...yes me, quiet, shock horror!!! well its my darling husband's birthday today so we are spending some time together but i will be spending most of my time today in my craft studio, putting together some designs for the lovely Barbara Gray who is popping onto our screens very watch this space as i will be putting my designs up on the same day, which should be a week today on Create and Craft, our two favourite hours of the month!!! Hope you are all well and ready for all the new things i have in the pipeline, lets just hope that they come from out of my brain onto YouTube and my website also this and my next blog which is swingin into action this coming week! its all go here, i just hope my disabilities allow me to have some fun with my stamps and inkpads!!! speak soon guys, stay safe, and keep well!!! love vick xxxxx

1 comment:

  1. Your gonna have to stop mentioning Barb's new designs-soooo jealous,would give my leg leg to be on her design team!
    Hope you are doing ok Vicks,dont be wearing yourself out with all the new bits and bobs your doing! xx