Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Oh heck! I've just realised how close we are to Christmas (sorry for swearing) and i haven't even thought about Christmas cards, luckily i don't have a massive family so thats all good but the ones i do have all know the calibur of my work and will be expecting out of this world cards, and why wouldnt they? they know me so well that i go overboard on family cards and nothing is too much for them so i'd better get my thinking cap on!!!
I did buy Sheena's Christmas stamp plates, the last ones she did for Creative Expressions prior to leaving in the hope that i would use them and only them for my designs this year and then whilst looking/scavenging for some glorious designer backing papers i came across some more christmas stamps i'd forgotten about, some embellies and papers and then thought, Hmm......maybe i will do something other than what was in my head earlier last month! Oh dear, ive rambled again, sorry guys......i will be putting a couple of cards up soon i promise, but in the meantime im sure you have plenty of your own things to craft for Christmas too.........if you have any ideas please leave me a comment, anything different this year that you might try? i am hoping to stick to one design idea that all my cards will be a classic White/Silver mix and/or a gold/ivory mix, anyhoo......bye for now then and stay safe folks, hugs, Vick xxxxx

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  1. Hiya Vicky
    Hope you are feeling better going by your Facebook status.
    Good luck with your crimbo cards, I dont send a lot so not a HUGE task for me...however two crafts shows I am having a stall at might be!!
    Hugs Emma x