Friday, 12 November 2010


Wow.....I got some goodies via a courier from Sheena yesterday and will be designing this weekend and the best part of next week, for her show, date to be announced soon,  so stay tuned into my blog and i will let you know.  I will be posting sneaky previews of my designs in the days leading upto the shows, all i can say before then is they are fabulous, and very useable! Sheena's unique style of stamps are always easy to work with for beginners and still challenging enough for the old hand/advanced stamper such as myself! The stamps are sketchy and Sheena knows just what us crafters want and need and you will certainly NEEEEEED these, they are, in my humble opinion, suitable for any occasion across the board whether for a female or male there is something for all in these two sets of 3 stamp sheets, 6 in total, so watch this space for your previews and the finalised date for the shows! Hugs Vick xxx


  1. Ooooooo just cant wait to find out luv Sue x

  2. Naughty, naughty, naughty! Stop teasing us and get posting haha!

  3. hahahahaha what are you like, lol Vxxx very soon Sue i promise