Sunday, 14 November 2010


Hiya Folks,  I'm a little upset as i didn't even see most of my creations on the show and the bottom of the pile was seen but hey! I guess they weren't right, but i loved them and other people who have seen them love them and might want to know how they were made so here is my rundown, thanks guys for always cheering me up on Facebook! without you there wouldn't be a point!!

so this is one of my favourites, i just adore that feather stamp its gorgeous and done in a dot matrix styley, which is (if you didn't know) a picture or form made up of tiny dots instead if brushstrokes or pencil lines, and i think that's why i love this stamp so much as it is very intricate and in the basic B&W the intricacy is very evident.  Well drawn by Barbara some years ago now, but one of those images that can never grow old, as it is natural!
I masked out a 1 inch border all the way around the DL card size and stamped out the smaller feather stamp that comes in the set of 3, i then stamped out the largest feather and did a complex crackle effect that took twice to make as i wasn't happy with the first attempt it wasn't cracked enough (does that tell you something about me? lol) anyhow here is a close up of the crackled effect on the card, this wasn't seen on tv so i thought i would showcase it here, this is my blog of stamped designs afterall!

Hope you like this one guys and thanks for stopping by, hugs Vick xxxxx

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  1. Im sorry you didnt see all your designs on tv,i not seen the show yet-was on Remembrance parade with my Cubs in the rain!
    You have to remember that some of those presenters who tend to pick up their fave cards out of the pile-how can i put it,they have no taste when it comes to real class and clever design,your lovely work is wasted on them. Soooo, dont get downhearted ok!!!! x