Friday, 8 October 2010

"WOW" By Sheena Douglass

I recently had the pleasure of using the new embossing powders by Sheena Douglass and i wanted to blog my opinion. Well as you can imagine, you think once you've seen one embossing powder, you've seen them all, but that simply isn't so.  The real thing i noticed about these specific powders is the clean fine properties that they contain, its like having all your powders detailed powders (except the white puff, one) they hug the stamped line and nothing else, and another thing that is brilliant but you need to be aware of, they have a very fast melting point which is terrific, it means us stampers can get on with the next bit of our project, even from behind heating through 300gsm card they melt fast, i think its safe to say, I Love them!!!! favourite is Platinum Regular, and Pepper Regular, the Platinum Sparkle is my favourite out of the sparkly ones and, the white regular is so glossy and detailed, its glorious! you'v just got to try them for yourselves, they really are NOT like other embossing powders!!

Happy Crafting guys!!! xxxx


  1. Hi, Vicky, I have to say that I have used stamps a few years back but have moved to cd crafting, mainly MCS. However, I did see Sheena's show using these with the "Wouldn't it be lovely" stamps and if anything would tempt me back to stamping it would be these powders. It was probably the mess created by embossing powders that put me off to be honest. But I agree with you - these look fabulous.

  2. Hiya Sheenagh,
    I totally agree, its usually bad tools or products that steer us away from things we might ordinarily have taken part in. However, i, hand on heart believe that if you had of used these embossing powders at the time you would be a massive fan of rubber stamping by now! I am currently designing some samples for Sheena's next show at the moment and stamped and embossed a sentiment for a card, this sentiment is a classy 'swirly' font, absolutely beautiful but horrendous for embossing without making it unlegible, well, what can i say........i embossed the sentiment and it actually looked like it had been 'foiled' by a big expensive machine rather than little old me (less of the little hahaha) with my heat gun! more detailed than 'detailed' powders! I won't say something is good when it isnt, this stuff is great! I am so happy that you are leaving comments for me Sheenagh and appreciative of them so please continue, as not people know i am here yet it would be lovely if you could tell your friends about me too, thankyou again Sheenagh, and if you ever have questions on anything on my blog, leave a comment, and i will get back to asap, hugs, vick xxxxx